Subscription Boxes // The Allure “Fiasco”

In my post reviewing my first few months with Beauty Box 5, I mentioned that I’ve had some issues with Allure. I figured I can’t just say that and not talk about my issues- so note, this is a very text-heavy post, but it serves a purpose.

The issue I have with Allure is not at all like the issues with Lippe Box. Allure is a legitimate company that sources legitimate products from the actual companies. They are 100% authentic. The issue with Allure has nothing to do with their value either. Even though my first box was a bit of a disappointment, they tend to have great brands and things you’ll actually want.

No, my issue with Allure comes from their logistics service and sale.

When my first box came, it was pretty lack-luster- until I found out that I was, in fact, missing a product: the L’oreal Infallible Pro-Last Lip Color. These go for $13 at my local Walgreens, and they are amazing lippies! I contacted customer service on March 31 via email. The next day, a CS rep told me they would send a replacement and gave me the choice between three colors. I emailed back that day. On April 4, the next business day, I received more communication: they were actually out of March samples and I would be sent a Love Box for compensation. They told me it would come soon and that I would receive a shipping email.

I put this on the back burner. My April box shipped out; I liked it. No issue. And then my credit card information was stolen, and I had to get a new card. I attempted to update my information, and thought I had gotten it all squared away. But at the same time, I noticed that I still hadn’t received my Love Box promised to me. I decided to ask the rep at this time, via online chat to be quicker, to get information. The rep assured me that my box was currently at the shipping warehouse.

Two more weeks pass, and I grow more excited for my May box- did you see the spoilers? That Foreo Luna looked awesome! As excited as I was, I noticed that the Beauty Box subreddit was not. Not because they weren’t excited about the box itself, but because, despite being promised, several new subscribers were told they would not be getting the May box!

That’s right: Allure had apparently oversold the boxes- and not buy a mere few. No, people who signed up mid-April, even in the second week of the month, were told they were moved to the June box. In a weird turn of events, a lot of these people actually DID get a May box- but the were on a “waiting list” and if people (like me) didn’t have updated credit card information

By May 4th, I still hadn’t received my Love Box or any email confirmation for shipping. I reached out one more time to ask. I did receive prompt communication: my box shipped out on May 3rd. So strange; I hadn’t gotten any emails about it! She said to expect it 7 to 10 business days. I waited until May 17th, 10 business days later, and the box still hadn’t showed up. At this point, I contacted CS again to ask if they had any tracking information.

The customer service rep was polite but I got essentially the same type of response- they don’t have tracking, they can’t see where it is, and it was shipped on the 3rd. So, it was lost. Just lost. And they were “out of boxes” for compensation, so I was offered… 6 months of Allure magazine.

In the end, I couldn’t be more disappointed about my experiences with Allure. I really loved the spoilers for May, and I’m interested in what they will be sending out for June, but I just don’t know how I feel about giving money to a company that doesn’t take customer service seriously. I question whether or not I was even actually shipped a Love Box, actually. It’s really disappointing.


One thought on “Subscription Boxes // The Allure “Fiasco”

  1. Jenna says:

    I actually ended up finally getting a May box, but yes… I was part of the group originally told that I wouldn’t be getting it. Even though I have the May box, I can tell you that the experience was BADLY tainted, and I can’t seem to get excited about it due to this whole situation. It’s beyond horrible, and it’s certainly no way to run a business. They really do need to get their act together. I’m giving them a solid three months total to make a judgement, but right now I can see myself easily cancelling after that three months. It’s not a service I’m excited about. It’s a service where I hold my breath and wonder if I’m going to get what I paid for, and that’s not something you expect from an established company like Allure.


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