New Products // Pale, Dry Skin Formula to be Released in August!!

We know I have a serious problem finding a foundation that is perfect. I want one that matches me amazingly, leaves a satin to dewy finish  (but please for the love of all things good, do NOT put sparkle in it to give a glow!), hydrates (not just oil-fies) my skin, offers medium coverage, feels amazing, doesn’t break me out, versatile… you know, makes me look like my skin, but better. Oh, and if it’s drugstore? That’d be best! At least, I’d like to have ONE drugstore foundation that is nearly perfect- the one that you can run out to get when you’re traveling and your bottle breaks or leaks everywhere, the one that you aren’t spending more than a day’s worth of wages on… you know, something you can actually afford.

We also know I’ve tried SO MANY base products (don’t believe me? I have a page where I log all the base products I try) and haven’t found ~it~ yet. I do have some I really do like, like Missha #13 and Josie Maran Vibrancy or Revlon ColorStay Whipped in Ivory, but they just aren’t quite perfect. Somebody in Ireland told me about this foundation they have: L’oreal Infallible Stay Fresh in 015 Porcelain. Based on what I had told her worked and what I wish they did differently, she recommended it to me, saying it sounds almost exactly what I need. One problem: it’s not anywhere in the US, and getting it to me? Costs over $20! Ugh, no thanks. Even the Infallible 16 Hr Wear doesn’t come in that shade.

So naturally, I write to L’oreal to figure out why I can’t get this product.

I received a reply back that contained a vital piece of information: A NEW DRY SKIN FORMULA!

“We have a new product coming out soon that I think would work really well for you. The new Infallible Pro-Glow provides long wear coverage for normal to dry skin. It provides all day advanced hydration while being available in a wide range of light shades. This product will start to be available in August. We hope you love it!”

Yes, that’s right: “wide range of light shades.” I mentioned in my email that their hydrating formulas didn’t come light enough for me (*cough*Lumi*cough), so I’m really hoping “wide range of light shades” actually means a wide range of light shades, including ones lighter than their True Match line.

I’m so excited for this product to come out!


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