SftPF // BareMinerals bareSkin Brightening Serum Foundation in Porcelain 01

Ulta was having a 5x point promotion on bareMinerals products- meaning with my birthday points and platinum points, I was looking at 6.25pts per dollar- enough to spark an interest and get me to look at the products BareMineral’s original loose foundation was my first “real” foundation, and their lightest color Fair seemed to match decently (well, enough) at the time. I also really liked their mineral veil. I stopped using their products, though, because they tended to be a little drying- so when I saw they had a hydrating mineral veil and a serum foundation, I decided to pull the trigger and buy both online- plus, free deluxe samples of lash domination mascara, skinlongevity serum, and even a small foundation with a mini brush!

I wasn’t sure which foundation shade to try- the first two lightest said “for cool tones,” and the only light-neutral was linen 03. I opted for the lightest, as Fair,the lightest shade in their mineral foundation, worked well for me.

Product: bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation in Porcelain 01.

Application Technique: A damp RT sponge, using the back of my hand as a palette, on top of MAC Prime+Prep (actually put that on before deciding what foundation I wanted to try).

Shade and tone: Well, I’m glad they say this is for light skin and not fair. I don’t even have the lightest skin, and it’s too dark for me. This also doesn’t look cool- it’s much more yellow than I was expecting. Color IQ links this to 2Y03, meaning a depth of 3 and 2 yellow. Shell 02 is 2Y04, and Linen 03 is 3Y04- the light shades all run yellow. I haven’t tried any of the 2Y03 colors, so I can’t compare. I completely forgot about swatches, too ): I know it doesn’t look too bad in the pictures above, but less than 40 minutes after, in a subtle change of light, it was pretty clearly not quire right for me.

Coverage and finish: To me, this looks about medium coverage with a natural finish, but it does rub off a bit.

How this looks and feels on my skin:  I really enjoy how this feels on my skin, and it doesn’t cake too bad on me. It appears to dry quickly, and it doesn’t leave a tacky or off feeling.

How this lasts and wears: I, unfortunately, forgot to take any pictures after, but as I mentioned, it does rub off pretty easily. It also becomes a bit flakier over time- but then again, I have pretty dry skin. People with normal skin may have a better experience.

Would I wear this again: If I ever got a tan, this may workout for me. I know it has mixed reviews and a lot of people find this one a dud- and I think when you compare it to their other foundations that come in powder form, this is way different and lower quality. It’s not the worst foundation in the world, but IMO not worth the price on my skin.



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