Different Day, Different Lip // Week 2

It’s hard to believe two weeks has already passed by. Maybe I’m just getting older, but I do keenly remember a time where even a day felt like forever. Now, things just fly right by. For long-term goals, like using a different lip product every day for four weeks, it’s quite nice!

This week, I’m doing it a little differently by first putting up all the pictures and then listing the products, one by one, and giving a short review.

From left to right and top to bottom:

  • Day 8: Revlon ColorStay Liquid Lip in Iconic Iris. For me, this color is close to a MLBB, but it’s not quite pink enough. It’s just a bit on the purple side. The tube looks sparkly, but it isn’t very sparkly on. Application is easy with a doe-foot, and it glides on smooth. But, as it dries… it gets STICKY. Ugh.
  • Day 9: So Susan Jello Shot in Hangover. Yes, the one from my Lip Monthly May bag! It looks amazing and I love it SO MUCH. Application is super easy- it’s a doe-foot applicator, but it’s a gel-like formula, so it just… works. It has serious stay power as a tint and even out all night with my boyfriend and his bosses, it didn’t lose its color. My only real complaint: it doesn’t turn totally pink and ends up being a titch coral-esque.
  • Day 10: Julep’s “Light on Your Lips” in Chit Chat. I wore this driving home to visit my parents! This is the first ever lipstick I ever owned myself, and it is easily my favorite even still. I love the formula- I just wish they used cocoa butter instead of shea. It does make my lips flake a bit because of the shea, but I’m using it until I get a real reaction. Moderate wear, typical for a lipstick.
  • Day 11: e.l.f Jumbo Lip Gloss in Sangria Starter. In the tube, it looks much darker, and it most certainly is NOT a gloss! It’s more of a tinted lip balm. It applies easily, has moderate wear, and is pretty good for a ‘barely there’ makeup look!
  • Day 12: Milani Color Statement in Violet Volt. I let my little sis choose my color that day as I left to go back home. To me, this lipstick smells delicious like Jolly Ranchers, and it definitely tastes good, too. That has it’s pros (uhm, amazing taste?!) and cons (licking your lips not only takes the color off, but it dries your lips out too!). The scent may be too much for some people, but I love it! Formula is nice and creamy without being too runny- definitely better than UD’s Mad Hatter which felt dry- but it isn’t long wear. I had to touch it up twice on my 5-hour drive.
  • Day 13: Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Almond Nude. This is one of those products that came in a beauty box, but I fell in love with! It’s a perfect nude color for me that gives my lips a touch of warmth without being too warm (Laura Geller’s Fig Prosecco was a bit too warm IMO). The smell is a bit sickening, but it’s not a bad “lipstick” smell. Very moisturizing and honestly my lips are always better after wearing this, even though there is shea in it!!
  • Day 14: Revlon ColorStay Suede in Supermodel. It feels like a lipstick butter (and looks like one, too) when it goes on, but like other lip products in this line, it “goes sticky” when it starts to dry. It also dries a little lighter than it goes on. After a couple hours, it does lose it’s stickiness It’s a pretty color, one that I definitely would wear more, but I hate how it feels before it’s completely set.

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