Sub Boxes // Boxycharm: 3 Month Sub Review (March-May 2016)

I recently posted my third Boxycharm- and mentioned how much I loved it- and now it’s time to decide: do I keep this sub, or do I move on and try another sub? I had full intentions on doing 3 months of Boxycharm and then 3 months of Glossybox to compare, but now I’m not so sure. Let’s start the review!

March 2016: Retail value: $149-153 (perfume sample depending). Personal value: $52 (depending on what I can sell the eye cream for).


My full review of March’s box can be found here. Overall, I liked this box- I was still very new, so having some eye shadows and a new brush was nice. I also ended up liking the perfume quite a bit. The Chella pencil remains one of my very few eyebrow products as well, although honestly I have yet to use it. The eye cream is on my list of products to sell.

April 2016: Retail value: $106. Personal value: $43.

This one felt a little better to me, product wise, but it still wasn’t perfect and had the lowest personal value. Full review is here. The hand cream is unusable, as is the Pur-Lisse lip treatment. The lip color is awesome despite it’s horrible transfer, and I like the eyeshadow, but I haven’t used the eyelash primer yet.

May 2016: Retail value: $102-106 (perfume sample depending). Personal value: $50


As I mentioned on my full review, this box really blew it all out of the water. The only product I don’t know if I’ll use is the brow gel from The BrowGal. The perfume isn’t my favorite, and I do wish I had gotten slightly different colors, but I was genuinely pleased with everything and the value! This may be my first box ever that I don’t have one product I definitely want to give away.

Add them up and we get: a spreadsheet!

boxycharm overview

For a box that promises 4-5 full-size samples, I’m not at all upset by this. I’ve gotten 5 full-size in every box, and 6 total samples in boxes that have a perfume sample. Looks like they consider perfume samples as a “bonus.” Overall, my C-PV is 2.46- meaning I get over twice the amount of personal value than I pay for. In my first box, retail was heavily weighted by one item; in the others, value was more spread-out, which I prefer.

Add in box presentation, rewards programs, and customer service. I’m a huge fan of the presentation! The box is always black with black crinkle paper, which to me is sleek, chic, and classy. Some may find it boring, as it never changes, but at least it’s not bad! They do have a rewards program- you get 50 “charms” per review, and you can review items you didn’t receive as long as they came in a recent box. You can redeem charms as shop credit: 1000=$10, or 400=free shipping. While this isn’t Birchbox’s rewards system, it’s better than nothing, and it’s nice that you can go backwards a few months and collect more points. As far as customer service, I’ve never had an issue, so there isn’t much I can say here.

And next: subscription prices and lengths. This box is $21/month if you’re doing a month-to-month sub. I choose the 3-month subscription for $59 (19.67/month), but there is a 6-month option for $116 (19.33/month) and a year sub for $231 (19.25/month). IMO, the 3-month sub is the best idea as the 6-month and yearly sub don’t offer great savings. You would only save up to $5 going from 3-month to yearly, and having the ability to cancel if the box starts getting “meh” or you’re just product-logged is definitely worth the $5 to me.

Finally, compare to other, similar boxes. The only other box I know of that is in this general category (~20/month, mostly full-size) is Glossybox. While I don’t have experience getting this box, they do seem pretty comparable. However, the last Glossybox that I’ve seen others unbox seemed more skin-care focused. Also, there isn’t a discounted 3 OR 6-month option for Glossybox :/

And now to the verdict: renew! I still kind of want to try out Glossybox, but I don’t want to commit to a full year to get a discount, and I don’t really want to pay $21 when it looks like the value is kinda lower. I’m going to stick with my Boxycharm for right now until I have some more funds coming in.



One thought on “Sub Boxes // Boxycharm: 3 Month Sub Review (March-May 2016)

  1. Jenna says:

    That perfume has really been making the rounds, though for me it’s one of the few I like. I got a sampling of it in my Amazon box, and since then I’ve been seeing it pop up here and there in various unboxing photos.


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