SftPF // Swatches of Asian BB Creams!

Let’s be honest: BB creams and tinted moisturizers aren’t totally different from foundations. They aren’t. Many of them have more coverage than your light coverage foundations, actually. It makes no sense to me to discredit these products- especially when the Asian companies make some pretty darn good creams.

So yes: I am expanding beyond the standard western foundations and today, I bring you swatches of the AB BB creams I own!

Here they all are, lined up in order of the swatches- it makes it so much easier. Remember, I do all my swatches with those foam/sponge eyeshadow applicators (probably the only thing they’re good for). We have:

  • Missha Signature Complexion Perfecting in White
  • Missha Perfect Cover #13
  • Mizon Snail Repair Blemish Balm
  • Innisfree Perfect Cover #13
  • Innisfree Dust Block #13

They are in this order for my arm swatches (natural light vs flash)

And they are in “reverse” order for the jaw + collar swatches- the Missha Complexion is closest to my ear and Innisfree #21 is closest to my chin.

You know what is truly funny about these swatches? Without flash, they all look very similar! I know the white looks quite white, but it does “sink down” a bit and deepens- you can tell here unfortunately, but when I do my review you’ll see it!!


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