Unboxing // Fandom of the Month: May 2016

Fandom of the Month is a different type of sub box. Previously, I’ve only unboxed and reviewed beauty and makeup boxes. Fandom of the Month is more of a geeky accessory box – each month, there are 3-4 fandom-inspired pieces. You can find it on CrateJoy, although it is pretty small as far as I know and I’m not sure how long they will be in business. This is my first impression of the box!

Box Appearance: The box itself is pretty cute! It’s got an owl on it, as if the owl is delivering you a parcel a la Harry Potter- I believe that is their logo. Inside, the items are wrapped up in tissue paper, but a little card about the sub and a magnet (which is related to the theme) is visible.

Items: As I mentioned, you get 3-4 accessory items related to a fandom, packaged in a muslin bag that’s in line with the theme. This month, the theme was Sherlock (I may have had to Google this).

  • Earrings? I believe one is Sherlock and then… Watson? Again, I haven’t seen a single episode, I just know the old phrase, “Elementary, my dear Watson.” I really don’t know who is partner is, but if you’re a fan, you probably do.
  • Necklace! It’s a sturdy necklace with what I’m guessing is a memorable quote, “I’m not a psycopath; I’m a high functioning sociopath. Do your research.” I can imagine going crazy over this if it were Harry Potter related…
  • Potentially a head wrap? It looks like an infinity loop and quite frankly confuses me because it’s pretty wide to be a head band (this shows just how much I suck at accessories- sorry!). I like the pattern, but I’m confused by the weird bright smiley face. Again, I’m guessing it’s a Sherlock thing.

Price and Value: The box goes for $13/month (less with longer subs), plus shipping. To the US, Shipping is about $3.75; to Canada it’s $8; the rest of the world is $11.50. For the price, I think this is actually great. Each item feels like it’s good quality, and the fun of it- if it’s a fandom you’re into- is definitely there. That said, I believe everything in the box is crafted by the Fandom of the Month company, so finding a retail value is difficult.

Shipping / Logistics: I believe this ships typically towards the end of the month. This one shipped on the 20th but got to me on the 27th (a little slow, but oh well). June’s should be shipping out around the 26th I believe.

Overall: I can see this being a super fun “lifestyle” box for anybody who is really into fandoms of all sorts. I, however, am not: this one was a bit of a dud as again, I’ve never seen Sherlock and I’m honestly not into most of the BBC shows at all. I will probably try to sell these so they have a home somewhere that they will be appreciated. That said, I do believe they give spoilers before the next month comes out so if you’re month-to-month you can decide if you want to unsub. There may be a waiting list, though, so act fast if you want a box.


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