Review // CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Lip Color (#545 Naturalast)

My first ever “all day” / long-wearing lip color was from L’oreal, and while I don’t think I wrote up a review on it, I loved the wear- but, of course, I’m not brand-loyal, and I’m always up for trying different brands’ take on similar items.

Walgreens had a 20% off beauty promo online, plus buy one get one half off of several different products, so I figured I could try out the CG Outlast lippies and see if I liked them, too. I chose the color 545 “Naturalast” for some reason. When I swatched it, it looked quite dark brown, and I worried I wouldn’t like how it looked on me, but I actually have a lot of positive things to say about this! So let’s get into the review.

Product: CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Lip Color. Priced by manufacturer at $8.49, but ranges from around$7.50-$10.50 depending upon store.

Shade + tone: 545 “Naturalast.” On Walgreen’s website, they make this color look like a dark purple. In reality, it’s a medium brown with some soft mauvey undertones to it. Tbh, it seems to work really well with my complexion, despite several people saying it looks awful on pale girls? Idk. You be the judge. It’s slightly darker than my natural lip color, as you can see here. I found this actually fairly true-to-tube, too, which is not typical for me. I’m not sure what complexions this would look bad on, honestly. When it begins to fade, it looks a little more grey, though, and THAT might be an issue.

Application: The application is a little… meh. You apply the liquid lipstick on via a doe-foot applicator. I’m NOT a fan of doe-foot applicators (I prefer more of a brush style for precision), and I ended up not getting a very clear line (meaning: you might want to use a lip liner with this). Wait for it to dry (do NOT rub it in), and then, using another tube, apply a stick-line “top coat” that shines it up and makes it more bearable. I don’t mind a two-step application like this (especially if it gives me long-lasting, non-transferring color), but I don’t like the two tubes; I’d be happier with one, dual-ended tube (like Rimmel Provacalips or L’oreal Infallible). That said, I DO like that you can buy the top-coat separately, so you don’t have to buy the entire lipstick again when the top-coat runs dry- so feel free to use that clear balm very, very generously.

Look and feel: The lippie itself is like a matte liquid lipstick- it dries and you really feel *dry.* Once you put Step 2 on, though, it shines it up a bit, darkens the color, and suddenly it feel AMAZING. Even on my perpetually dry lips, with the top coat, it doesn’t feel like a horribly drying matte color.

Transfer: Once dry and sealed, it left literally no transfer. I kissed my boyfriend on the cheek, and it didn’t leave a mark. He usually won’t kiss me if my lips have “that nasty shit” on them (aka, any lip color), but he kissed me with this on and again… no noticeable transfer.

Stay power: Now, this claims up to 16 hours of wear. I don’t think I ever wear anything for 16 hours. But I do kiss my boyfriend a lot. And drink a lot of water.  And lick my lips. And generally do more than just sit with my mouth closed, looking pretty. Now in the span of about four hours post-application, I drank a bottle of water, and definitely tested how this lippie holds up with lots of kisses. This is what it looked like after all the kisses, and then when I re-applied the Step 2.

So, it holds up a lot more than any “normal” lipstick (which would be GONE after like, 10 minutes of kisses), but it’s not perfect. You can see that the color fades most dramatically around the ends of my lips (so, a liner might be necessary to extend wear) and nearest to my mouth where I tend to lick my lips the most. Stay power is NOT as good as the L’oreal Infallible.

Overall: I’m oddly liking this decently and give it a 7/10. It dries quickly, doesn’t transfer nearly at all, and it does last a lot longer than traditional lipsticks. It doesn’t stay as long as the L’oreal Infallible, but it’s cheaper, and most of the time you don’t truly need a lipstick to stay on through four hours of intense kisses. The color was misleading online (it’s NOT dark purple!), but it is a beautiful color anyway and could see it being a great day-time wearable color. Application was a little messy, and while having the two separate tubes has it’s pros, it’s mostly a con for me.


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