Unboxing // Benevolent Beauty Box May 2016

It’s the end of May (finally!), and my final round of “late month subs” are coming in- Choix arrived today and Mask Maven is scheduled for tomorrow or Thursday (a little bit past the end of the month, but oh well). Today I also opened the mail box to see this beauty sitting in the parcel locker.


Benevolent Beauty Box is my newest subscription. I ordered a 6-month sub from CrateJoy during their Mother’s Day Sale- half off! While usually this sub is $30/month, with the 6-month sub’s discounts PLUS half off, I ended up snagging each box for just under $14. Each box comes with 4-7 full size, cruelty free items. The items themselves are cruelty free, yes, but even more incredible: all the brands are committed to being cruelty free. Even brands that are cruelty free but have “parent brands” that are not are not included. Currently, not every product is vegan, but I know the owner, Rachel Henderson, is looking into this option. This is their “VIP” box; they are now also offering a smaller box called the Mini which is $16/month and gets half of the products that are in the VIP box.

Now, before I go into the box, I just want to say this. When I first signed up for the sub, I wanted to know a little bit more about the box (when it would ship, etc). I contacted Rachel on a Saturday night, and the next morning she had already replied! She was so kind and answered all of my questions very well (as opposed to “can” answers that a lot of larger beauty boxes give out). She openly invites anybody to reach out to her if they need or want any help transitioning into cruelty-free beauty and seems incredibly passionate about this. A+ to her!!

So, let’s get into the actual box!

The box itself comes with a cute little pamphlet- nothing too intense or exorbitant. The front includes the email address, inviting any comments (again, she seems to really want to make this box incredible to help the people who want cruelty-free options!). Inside the box, it remains white (IMO, I like this- why waste ink?) and bluish grey crinkle paper. The products this month:

  • Gorumet Body Treats Agrimony Eye Cream. Now, I’m not huge into eye creams. I don’t really need them. However, I love that this is formulated as vegan and only includes some really great, pure ingredients (it’s organic, too!)- no parabens or any added chemicals. Bonus points for using cocoa butter instead of shea (allergies) and actually having agrimony extract as the second ingredient. While the pamphlet notes agrimony’s use for eye remedies, agrimony is also used to herbally treat skin conditions such as blotchiness and eruptions (pimples/breakouts). That said, it may be too thick to be a full face cream but may work well as a healing salve. Full size. Retail value: $18.
  • Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm Lipstick in Try To Be Nice. Oh this is a beautiful lipstick! It’s actually a nice lavendar color. Called “almost matte,” but goes on silky-smooth. I believe this is a newer product, too, although I can’t find it on the Trust Fund Beauty website. Full size. Retail value: $10. 


    Swatches Top to Bottom: Lipgasm in Try to Be Nice, Matte Tint in Hospitable, and Mesmerize Eyeliner in Ink (smudged out on the right side).

  • BellaPierre HD Makeup Primer. I have some primers I’m trying to plug through. Most of them, however, are not cruelty free. This is all silica- two silicones plus “fumed silica,” so it wouldn’t be suitable for ‘cone-free people, but I’m still interested in trying it myself (my skin happens to like silicone products). This is the most expensive product, but it’s also one that I usually don’t splurge on (most of my primers? ULTA brand). Full size. Retail value: $75.
  • Vapour Organic Beauty Mesmerize Eyeliner in Ink. This is a basic black pencil liner. It comes with a smudger on the opposite end. It doesn’t seem super smudge-resistant (it IS essentially a pencil), but eyeliners are always good to have. Full size. Retail value: $20.
  • Cailyn Cosmetics Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint in Hospitable. While I think this brand is probably unknown to a lot of people, I do have one other Cailyn product- it’s actually an eyeshadow (it’s purple!), and I honestly like this brand. I don’t have a huge collection of matte lips, and the ones I do have I don’t like too much (looking at you, ColourPop). The swatch on this seems to go on nicely, and though it can smudge a bit if you touch it before it’s dry, once it is fully dry (and it does take a bit of time, but no more than maybe half an hour) it doesn’t smudge- and I put some saliva on it (to mimic me licking my lips) and it didn’t smudge or smear. This color, Hospitable, is kind of this mauvey pink, but like most things, it does pull slightly warmer on me. I’m excited to try it! Full size. Retail value: $19.

And, of course, it’s spreadsheet time!

ben beauty box may 2016

The total value of this box is really impressive: $142!! For me, though, I don’t see quite as much value as I would never spend $75 on a face primer. The values may change as I use the products, though- if I love that eye cream, it may go up a bit ($5 is kind of my default for small tubs of creams I may or may not like). If that primer ends up working better than my ULTA stuff, I’ll raise the value (note: I do love that it comes with a pump- my normal stuff is $12.50, so I added to the value because of the pump). But even being pretty conservative with my personal values, this is a WONDERFUL box for what I paid for it!


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