Goals // June Goal Setting

A new month usually means a nice, clean fresh start. Of course there is little difference between May 31 and June 1, but it just feels different. We allow ourselves to have a fresh start.

I spent the first day of June establishing some goals and setting up a calendar. I prefer to use graph paper, as it makes actually creating checklists and grids much easier with the built-in blocks. For some reason, I find it much easier to use pen-and-paper and truly write down my goals and craft plans. Something about doing it digitally doesn’t end well for me- but of course, also recording them digitally helps!

For establishing goals, I like to use the acronym “FACE FEAR.” Here are my FACE FEAR goals June:

  • Financial: Make a budget! I’d like to keep total costs below $600-$700 this month.
  • Attitude: Celebrate gratitude. Each Thursday this month, I’d like to participate in Thankful Thursday.
  • Career: This one is harder for me as I’m currently unemployed and I’m unsure where I’ll be in a couple months (why I haven’t sought a job yet). I’d like to help further my career by going to graduate school. This month, I want to focus on identifying the programs I want to apply for this fall: 6 masters-level and 10 PhD!
  • Education: While I think grad school is similar to education (right now, career and education are linked), to help me improve if I don’t get in this next round, I’d like to start studying up again on my psych for the psych GREs, if I have to retake them (I did middle of the road). My goal for June is to take notes and make flashcards for two sections in my prep book!
  • Family: I want to connect more with my family, so my goals this month: go on at least one date with the boyfriend and send out father’s day cards to both grandfathers and my dad!
  • Exercise: My weight has really gone up lately, mostly because I don’t do much at home, and I’d like to get back into spinning and yoga. I am hosting a (very small) yoga challenge on Tumblr to keep up with, but I also have a goal to bike 150 miles this month.
  • Arts: I love reading, but haven’t done much lately. I’d like to read two decent-sized books this month.
  • Recreation: This one is gonna be about my makeup collection! In addition to continuing my “Different Day, Different Lip” challenge, I want to begin to inventory my collection on Excel (complete with notes!) and make a “makeup calendar” to schedule different foundations I have and want to try. My”end goal” is to have an inventory of not just products I currently have, but products I want and products I’ve tried with notes on what I thought about them. I’m hoping this helps me make better-informed purchases.

What are your goals for the month? Is there a technique you like to use to plan or establish goals?


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