SftPF // MAC Foundation Swatches: NC15 vs NW10-15 (Various Formulas)

For most, a MAC shade match is the pinnacle of all foundation matches. No matter where you go, at least online or in the US, if you say a MAC equivalent, everybody somehow knows what you’re talking about. It might be because of their great system, it might be because of how ubiquitous their foundations are, or it might just be. Either way, I’ve decided for my own purposes, I really need to establish my own MAC shade.

Only issue: I don’t have a MAC or counter anywhere near me! I was very lucky to get some samples from some friends, though, and I did purchase a few bottles online to help me decide!

All the foundations in the swatch- you know the drill. I set them up, use eyeshadow sponges, and do it in the exact same order.

So, we have:

  • Mineralize Moisture in NC15
  • Studio Waterweight in NC15
  • Pro Longwear in NC15
  • Studio Sculpt in NC25
  • Studio Waterweight in NW13
  • Pro Longwear Waterproof in NW15
  • Studio Fix Fluid in NW10

There are quite a few here, so the swatches aren’t as easily discernable. This is the order, top to bottom, of the arm swatches

You can see just how yellow-orange the NC colors look on me. NC25 is a definite no-go, and only included because my friend tossed it in. You can also see how the NWs all look kind of different- the Waterweight in NW13 actually looks deeper.

And of course, the jaw and collar swatches: these are, again, reversed: Studio Fix NW10 is closest to my chin and Mineralize Moisture NC15 is closest to my ear. I just start my swatches by my ear.

Again, notize the major differences between each NC15. They all look slightly too yellow for me, IMO, even though with flash that Mineralize Moisture and Studio Waterweight look okay.

One thing I have noticed: Waterweight in NW13 seems to oxidize faster than the other formulas and gets a bit dark than the other NW foundations here. Just some food for thought!


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