Thankful Thursday // June 2, 2016

Part of my June goals involve writing out things I am grateful for every Thursday. It’s a way to celebrate the positives in life. The point isn’t to just be grateful for the big things, but also for small things you may take for granted. Studies have shown that engaging in gratitude and positive journals actually raise student performance, life satisfaction, and happiness in general- more so than venting the negatives. In some studies, actually, negative venting actually lead to worse mood and overall performance!

Some day I will probably add pictures, but as I write this I am working on another goal of mine and am spinning!

Today, I am thankful for:

  1. My stationary bike! It’s nothing expensive or fancy, but it fits nicely in my little apartment and let’s me exercise in my own home. It also keeps track of my miles for me 🙂
  2. Having a functional car. My family lives a few hundred miles away from me. Being able to drive to visit them is really invaluable to me- tomorrow I plan on driving down to see my sister’s math competition!
  3. Pickles. I bought a jar the other day and they are a perfect snack. Also, pickle juice is a great addition to rye bread…
  4. My washer and dryer. May seem w little lazy or superficial, but being able to do laundry without spending a lot of money and leaving home sure is nice. I definitely do laundry a lot more (and change my bed sheets regularly).
  5. My grandparents. I recently visited my maternal grandparents to introduce them to my boyfriend. They fed us more than we needed, but they are just good people who love me so much and always support my growth and happiness.
  6. My basil plant! It’s growing so well lately and it’s proven to me that I can take care of plants. I’ve always wanted to have a garden but don’t have space, but I definitely want one in the future.
  7. Graph paper. Thank you for having equally spaced squares and making charts, checklists, and calendars easier. (I told you- it’s about celebrating the little things, too).
  8. Purple lipstick. I just feel so amazing in purple lipstick.
  9. Argan oil. A new foundation I tried was too tight, thick, dry, and cakey. Added in Argan oil and it gave it a semi-matte/natural finish without caking on me. 
  10. Hot, clean water. Tea, bathing, cooking, etc. Sometimes I forget that this isn’t available, especially clean, throughout the world, and sometimes not even in my country. Just a reminder to myself that even “little luxuries” are still luxuries.

What are you grateful for today?

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