Haul // Mad Haul, Pt 2: Julep End Of Season Sale

Right after box selection closed, Julep did a huge clearance for the end of the season, including a mystery pack of nail polishes ($20 for 10 polishes- definitely worth it). I decided to use my MAYCOLOR coupon code, get a skin serum I’ve been wanting to try out, and try some of their different top coats- I ended up spending more than I would’ve liked ($42 that I definitely did not need to spend), but I got some great stuff.

The box came on Saturday (6/5) and thus it’s part of my “Mad Haul” series as of late… because it’s mad of me to spend so much on more nail polish…

So, what polishes did I get?! I’ll list them all, left to right, top to bottom

  • Metamorphic Top Coat Trio:
    • Tilda: green pearlescent
    • Tyra: magenta pearlescent. I think this looks beautiful, but I’m unsure why this has 2.4 stars when Tilda has 4.5 and Bjork as 4.6!
    • Bjork: blue pearlescent.
  • Regina: Royal purple with blue shift, but can’t find info on Julep’s website! This is my chosen free color with my coupon code.
  • Sonia: “Blue steel matte metallis.” Interested in trying this one for sure.
  • Lizzy: “Cappuccino Creme.” Definitely more of a light brown. May be okay for nail art, but probably won’t look good with my skin tone.
  • Ali: “Hint of mint soft focus.” I already have this one, so I’ll be looking to give this one away.
  • Myriam: “Casino Red Creme.” Perhaps it’s just my apartment light, but this looks like a warmer/orange-based red. My mom may love it.
  • Roc Solid: “Vintage military creme.” Kind of like a dark forest green. Looks actually like a good Christmas color.
  • Shailene: “Bewitched purple with gold flecks (iridescence),” which is a very pretty glitter shade even though the name reminds me of an actress I don’t like that much
  • Neely: “Sparkling cranberry full-coverage glitter.” Also reminds me of Christmas. Well, I have polish for this year’s winter holidays already! Just, you know, six months in advance 😉
  • Kendra: “Army green frost.” Very dark, almost black, but the green does look more like milirary/army green than Roc Solid does.
  • Casey: “Galapagos Teal Creme.” This one looks great- also dark, so not too summery, but I think it’s going to look amazing on my skin tone.
  • Kat: “Orchid pearlescent.” This is another one of the metamorphic top coat, but didn’t come in the trio- I THINK this is the last of the metamorphic top coats, actually, so I’m VERY happy I got this one. My Pokemon “Gotta Catch Em All” mentality would leave me itching for it otherwise.

And of course, as I mentioned, I also ordered the Luxe Repair Skin Serum! It looks like it’s mostly some good oils + squalane and some extract naturally high in vitamins A and C, so I’m very excited to see how my face likes it! I did get this in the full size, 0.6 fl oz.

For what I paid, I think I got a great deal, even if we use my $5/polish typical “personal value.” Not all shades are ones I’m dying to use now, and some I’m going to give away as gifts, but I’m overall pleased with this. Now I definitely do NOT need any more polish!


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