Unboxing // Julep Maven June 2016

Julep’s theme for this month is “Midsummer Light,” and perhaps its my love for Shakespeare, but the colors on the little info pamphlet really do remind me of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I think it may have something to do with the brights and shimmers- they are very reminiscent of my childhood fairy fantasies.

This month I chose to completely customize my box AND do some add-ons, so I ended up with quite a bit!

In the box, I chose:

  • Skip the Brush in Sheer Glow. $19.20 Maven Value
  • Eyeshadow Brush. $14.40 Maven Value.
  • Shader Brush. $14.40 Maven Value

I’ve been curious about their brushes, so I decided to grab two of them when I saw that I could. The Sheer Glow looked like it would be a great highlighter for me. On the spoilers, I thought it looked a bit purple… nope, it is quite gold! I can’t complain too much, though.

For my add-ons:

  • Charcoal Konjac Sponge. I have one charcoal one currently + a green tea, but I’ve been using them for 2-3 months now and they are starting to tear. I wanted to replace my charcoal one as I’ve had it the longest. $9.60 Maven Value.
  • White chevron decals. I’ve never used nail decals before but thought these would be easy to use, plus they were one of the cheaper add-ons to reach three and get another bonus gift! Not in stock; $6 Maven Value.
  • Polish in Twiggy. That’s the darker polish. The lighting in here isn’t the greatest; it’s more of a mauve. $11.20 Maven Value.
  • Bonus gift: Polish in Saaya. This is a fairly orange shimmery color; they describe it as a “golden apricot” and I see that definitely. While I’m unsure how it’d look on me, I think it’d look beautiful on a warmer, dark-complected person- and if I knew anybody that fit that bill, I’d gift it to them. $11.20 Maven Value.

Overall, this is pretty good. I paid about $35 for all of this- $19.99 for the box plus about $15 for my add-ons. Overall, I received a Maven Value (20% off their regular price, offered to all Mavens) of $86. $48 of that is in the box itself and $38 is from the add-ons. Because you do get to totally customize your box and choose add-ons, I don’t usually talk about value to me, as the value to me is known when I order. However, I did do a quick one because I didn’t know exactly what to expect for some of the items. The decals were worth maybe $1 to me, polishes are worth usually about $5 to me, and I typically put brushes at $5 a piece when I haven’t tried them out. Even with low-balling most items, by $35 box was worth about $40 to me! Because of this I don’t have huge expectations for the brushes, but I am quite excited to try them anyway.



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