Thankful Thursday // June 9, 2016

Yes, I know I said some day I will have a cute banner designed for this- today is not that day 🙂

Today I’m thankful for:

  1. My boyfriend being able to get me a copy of Microsoft Office legitimately for $10. Did I mention how upset I was when I lost my original copy? Super upset.
  2. Windows 10 being free! If I had to buy another copy after reimaging my laptop, I probably would cry…
  3. AC units, especially portable ones! It’s summer now where I live and the apartment was broiling in the 80’s last weekend apparently… Turned our portable AC on in the bedroom and it is very nice in there now.
  4. Storage cabinets. I don’t give enough thanks to the one I have in the bathroom.
  5. Powdered peanut butter at Costco.
  6. Places to donate clothes and other items. I know this may seem strange but I am so thankful there are places where I can donate items I don’t want anymore so people who are less fortunate can have them at a reduced cost, plus I like that it provides jobs for some people who may otherwise have a hard time finding work. I feel a lot better about donating gently used items than I do tossing them, definitely.
  7. Goodbye kisses in the morning. Boyfriend always kisses me before he leaves and it’s just the best thing ever.
  8. UPS offering package re-routing… I’ll get into this once my package gets in, but even though it was a bit expensive, it’s nice to be able to re-route when something goes wrong.
  9. Piano lessons I took when I was a kid. I like that I know how to read sheet music and have capabilities so if I want, I can open some music and usually play. I love having some creative outlet that lets me enjoy some beauty in life
  10. And lastly, my joints not acting funny this week! For the most part, they’ve been normal. I haven’t had a single dislocation, even partial, and I’ve been able to sleep at night and move without feeling like they are unstable, which is definitely something I take for granted most weeks.

I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for this week too 🙂 Gratitude is linked to so many benefits and it can really make the difference between a bad day and a decent one.


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