Unboxing // Target June Beauty Box

Goodness gracious, I am so overwhelmed with stuff coming right now. Note to self: stop ordering more stuff. I’m also pretty darn sure I need to pare down my beauty box subs. Perhaps this is stereotypical basic white girl of me, but I have to say this: I just can’t even right now. Seriously though. I want to crawl in my bed and just rest with all of this stuff going on. I ordered two of these Target boxes, as I was hoping there would be color variations. I was wrong!


The box theme this month is “Sun Kissed.” I think the orange is meant to be like the sun, but with the black box it just looks like it belongs in an October box (Halloween themed). The box this month cost $10, and it came with:

  • L’oreal Lumi Cushion in W3. Foil packet. Interested in trying this but I know the color won’t work but whatever. RV $1.85
  • S.W. Basics Exfoliant. Looks interesting but not sure if it’s gonna be too harsh for my skin. Foil packet, kinda unsure about size so estimated. RV $0.58
  • Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter. Contains shea, will be giving away somehow. Foil packet, RV $0.51
  • Laneige Water Bank Serum. SUPER excited for this one. Deluxe sample, RV $5.83
  • L’oreal Revitalift Day Cream. Will probably use because I currently don’t have a day cream moisturizer. Deluxe sample, RV $5.98.
  • Yes To Cucumber Facial Wipes. Wipes are always a good idea for me. I use them a lot for cleansing swatches. Deluxe sample/travel size, RV $1.90
  • Cotz SPF40 Tinted Facial Sunscreen. Says it’s natural tint, but we will see. Love sunscreen but I do have a lot rn. Delexue sample, RV $4.70
  • SheaMoisture Weightless Crème Rinse. This looks really cool, but I can’t use it because it has shea butter in it. I wish this ingredient wasn’t so trendy and I wonder if this is fair-trade sourced (I can’t get mad at fair-trade shea products, even if I hate that I can’t use them). Deluxe sample, RV $2.77
  • Pantene Intense Hydration Shampoo. It’s not color safe so I won’t be using this, but it’s a huge size (larger than travel) so that’s cool. It’ll be good as a gift probably. Deluxe sample, RV $2.62
  • Pixi by Petra Shadow Duo Apricot Glow. I was pretty excited about this. Haven’t opened it yet but now I’m less excited because I had hoped it’d be other colors. Kinda boring warmer neutral. Deluxe sample, RV $3.13.
  • elf Tinted Balm Bare Kiss. Also kinda wish I had a different color and I don’t like that both boxes had the same color, but I will use it. Color seems very sheer. Full size, RV $2.

Yes, this is exactly the same for my second box, down to the same shadow and balm colors.


Overall, you can see that the retail value was just shy of $32. I didn’t get quite the same value for it, nor did it break the 2x value threshold (even being generous with the products I won’t use). But, when you look at it as a whole, it’s not bad. I’m going to be more selective about my box choices from now on, though!


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