SftPF // Lancôme Teint Idole in 100 Ivoire N

It’s been a while since I tried a new foundation and wrote about it… I’ve been so busy with other things: obviously, hauling from memorial Day, but also contacting customer service and working on my inventory. As I was working on the inventory, I realized I have about 80 base products for my face (foundations, tinted moisturizers, BB/CC creams). Most of them are in little sample pots, but the point is: I need to start the review process for most of them. I do have a ‘makeup calendar’ that I’m using right now, but I can’t spend every day doing a review… I tried that and got overwhelmed!

So anyway, today I bring you one I was very excited about, one of my samples from So Choix…

Product: Lancome Teint Idole in 100 Ivoire N.

Application Technique: Damp Real Techniques sponge- I HAVE two beauty blenders right now, but let me very honest: I prefer my RT.

Shade + Tone: This shade is their second-lightest neutral shade, but the lightest shade available from So Choix (sadly, they don’t have every single shade). Sephora registers this as 1R03- meaning slightly cool and three shade depths. My current “essentially perfect” match is Josie Maran Vibrancy in Dynamic, which matches to 1Y01, which is what they put everything that is actually pale, as 1R01 doesn’t exist. Lancome’s lightest shade in this line is 90 Ivoire N, and that matches to 1Y02. The two pictures above are a quick before and after, and you can see that my typical face has a lot of surface redness, making my neck look yellow in comparison. However, I don’t blend down my neck and you can see in the second picture, it is definitely passable head-on. When we look at a side picture, it does seem slightly off- maybe a bit too pink and a bit dark. I’d love to try the 90 Ivoire N some day.

Coverage and finish: If you look back at the before and after, you can see that this does offer decent coverage. It definitely does even out my complexion. The product claims to be full-coverage, but I definitely get more of a medium-coverage effect from this. The finish is definitely a velvety matte as the product claims.

How this looks and feels on my skin: It may be the changing weather or just my kick-ass skin care routine, but my skin has been ever so slightly less dry… and this feels good! The only complaint I have is how it looks. Although it’s not cakey or flakey (probably because my skin is more hydrated lately), it still doesn’t make me look great. I don’t have huge pores really, but with this, I do! Look for yourself; on my cheeks every single pore is noticeable. I may re-try with a smoothing primer, but stand-alone, this does not look good up close.

How long this lasts: This is a little harder for me to say. It lasts decently throughout the day, but I just wasn’t a huge fan of it anyway. I touch and rub my skin a lot, and in general my skin isn’t awful so it’s not super noticeable when foundations begin to slide off…

After about four hours, which is when I took these pics, you can see some redness show up again on my chin but in general the coverage holds. This does seem to be decently lasting by itself.

Would I wear this again: I am going to see if I like it over a primer, but in all actuality, no. For a $47 foundation, I do expect a lot more out of it. The color match wasn’t AMAZING (decently passable, but not perfect), and the pore issue really bothered me. I really wanted to try the Teint Miracle, but all of those shades are much darker, too. Sephora doesn’t even carry Ivoire 1 N (the shade comparable to this). All in all, I was very disappointed.


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