Swatches // Lorac Pro 3

As promised earlier in my haul post, here are the swatches for this palette!

In all honesty, pictures can’t pick up what it looks like in person, and I don’t mean this in a good way. Pictures make this palette look exciting and new, but the camera somehow seems to pick up on subtleties that my own eyes don’t; in person each color looks much more muddled and darker, including the palette itself.  That purple? It looks more brown to me! Maybe something is wrong with my eyes. But here the palette is, in all of it’s glory- indirect natural light vs camera’s flash.

And here we have the swatches. All swatches are done via a clean finger! The left swatches are from the top row (mattes) and the right swatches are from the bottom row (shimmers). Top row swatches are with indirect natural light, and bottom is with flash.

Top row (swatched top to bottom): Mattes.

  • Blanc: You probably can’t see this in the first picture, but you can sort of see where it was swatched in the picture with flash.
  • Canvas: You can start to see this one.
  • Cool Taupe: That’s the first dark color in the top-row (left side) swatches. It does have a bit of grey in it, reminding me more of cool olive than true cool, perhaps because everything pulls warm on me, but that is most likely because taupe is a grey-brown.
  • Pink Nude: Despite it being pink-based, it’s still definitely a nude and not a pink shadow. Very pretty, and a bit darker than my skin, but still definitely nude.
  • Clay: Darker nude…
  • Terracotta: Warmer, mid-toned nude; looks lighter than Clay.
  • Dark Brown: Slight darker and slightly warmer than
  • Jet Black: The bottom-most swatch; it’s not as opaque in a finger swatch, but to be honest, I don’t think my finger wanted to let go of the pigment.

Bottom row (swatched top to bottom): Shimmers

  • Light Gold: This is definitely gold and very shimmer. Gorgeous and glides on so easily.
  • Almond Pearl: This is a bit darker than my skin tone but looks beigey- the tones actually match the tones in my arm’s splotchiness.
  • Medallion: I’m so disappointed in this one. This one looks like it just wasn’t pressed well because despite being a shimmer shade and not glitter, it behaves like a glitter shade and it looks “chunky” on the swatch. But it’s not glitter- it’s the shadow not “breaking down” well. I don’t know how else to explain it. it was just so disappointing (and scratchy)
  • Light Pewter: Slightly more grey than Almond Pearl, and the shimmer looks a little more contrasted than Almond Pearl.
  • Amethyst: While yes, this is purple and not brown, it looks brown. It’s like a dark plum with gold or bronze shimmer, making it lean warm.
  • Rose Bronze: Aptly named.
  • Dark Mocha: I was worried this would have the problems of Medallion; it doesn’t! Looks like a nice warm brown.
  • Truffle: This is not a straight black with shimmer but rather a very dark greyish/greenish brown/taupe color with silvery shimmer.

Overall, this wasn’t quite what I was expecting, which looked more rosy online when the spoilers came out. It is a true neutral palette, and I’m definitely glad to have it, especially because I love Lorac shadows, but I definitely don’t think this is a “go buy ASAP” type product. If you’re in need of a good neutral palette and happen to lean towards slightly rosier colors, this is a good one and I do think you’d be happy with it- but there are so many dupes to each color here.



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