Haul // BareMinerals’ Memorial Day Clearance Sale Haul!

Aka “Mad Haul Pt 4” because I did order all this stuff around the same time as everything else. Which reminds me: ULTA is sending me a couple extra samples for the missing item in a GWP, and Macy’s (after some issue) issued me a half refund on my sun kit set (for the missing Clarin’s cream).

Anyway, back to what is important in this post: my BareMinerals haul! During Memorial Day weekend, they had a few things on clearance plus they had an extra discount off of that price, so believe it or not, I got all these items for just over $61. I’ll include a price break down because my LDS side is too strong not to 🙂

I had never ordered from them before, so I was very surprised by their packaging. It looked like gift packaging!! Even the packing slip came in a sleek envelope that heightened the experience; it honestly felt so… Luxurious.

This is everything I got:

  • Main Attraction, which is a kit
  • Discover Complexion Rescue, which is also a kit (and tbh, the “value” is so wrong on that box)
  • Ready 7.0: Work, Weekend, Wow Palette (pictures a bit further down)
  • Ready 4.0: The Afterparty Collection, which is yet ANOTHER kit (but the products were in that bag, so I took those out)
  • Deluxe Sample of Lash Domination Mascara with “Petite Precision Brush.”

Main Attraction Kit: ~$115 value; $54 for the kit; I paid $17.15.

  • READY Eyeshadow 2.0, The Curtain Call (bottom left picture): Shades are in Matinee (shimmering peach) and Opening Night (brown with slight bits of green shimmer). Not for individual purchase, but full-size and other Ready 2.0’s go for $20.
  • Flair Blush (bottom middle picture) “Candied rose.” Darker rose shade; pretty but we’ll see if my skin likes it! Full size, but also not for individual purchase. $20 value.
  • Mini Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Make Your Move: Soft medium to dark pink with fairly neutral undertones. About half of full-size, so it’s worth $9.
  • Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Leading Lady: Soft, shimmering lighter pink. Full size, worth $18.
  • Lasting Line Eyeliner in Absolute Black. Full size,  worth $16.
  • Lash Domination Mascara in Intense Black. Full size, worth $19.
  • Tapered Blush Brush: This isn’t available online and while brushes are usually $20-$30 from them, they claim a value of $115 on the box, meaning this is valued at $13.

Discover Complexion Rescue: $53 claimed value; $38 for the kit, I paid $20.30.

This one is weird because when I calculated value, it came out to be just under $37, despite a claim of $53. Hm.

  • Complexion Rescue tinted Hydrating Gel Cream in Opal 01, 20ml. Full-size is 35ml and goes for $29.50, meaning this is worth $16.85
  • Correcting Concealer in Light 1, 1 gram. Full-size is 2g for $20, so this is half of full and worth $10.
  • Perfecting Veil in Light to Medium, 3.5g. Full-size is 9g and costs $26, making this worth $10.11

So yeah, if you’re paying $38, that’s about the actual value. These small sizes aren’t available for individual purchase, but I can’t see them jacking up each item $5… $22 for the base product, $15 for the concealer, and $16 for the Perfecting Veil? That’s the only way to get a value of $53.

Bonus: swatch of the gel. How does it look neutral to yellow on me? I don’t know! PS, once I rubbed it out fully, it did blend in very well, but gave low coverage. I’m excited to try it on my face, though.


Ready Eyeshadow 4.0 Set: The Afterparty Collection: $62 value; $34.50 for the kit; I paid $13.65

  • Flawless Definition Mascara in Espresso, Full Size. It’s a brown color so I will probably gift or sell this. Retails for $19
  • READY Eyeshadow 4.0 in The Afterparty: shades contained are Cheers (moonstone/creamy white), Mingle (silvery “pewter”), Rowdy (dusty plum), and Light’s Down (shimmering black). Retail value is $30.
  • Double Ended Liner/Shadow Brush (as seen in the first, original pic). Not on the website for purchase, but I set it to $13 because that’s what I calculated the Blush Brush at
  • “Sparkly Chic” Bag: also not available for actual purchase, so I gave it no value. It’s also not actually green; it just reflected green light for the picture

Finally: READY 7.0: Work, Weekend, Wow: $26, I paid $10.15

The shadows are smaller than in the other palettes, and the palette itself is a cheaper cardboard rather than the nice plastic compacts, which decreases value. This looks like a great travel palette, honestly. I may swatch this and the other shadows later.

The DS of mascara I calculated is worth $7.77!

Overall, I calculated a value of everything at $247.74. The full-price once you apply “kit discounts” is $152.50. I paid $61.25 for it all, which is over 75% off of the retail price and almost 60% (okay, 59.8%) off of the kit prices. Many of these are still on clearance- for good deals too- you just won’t get the additional discount I did.


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