Swatches // bareMinerals Eyeshadows: The Curtain Call; The Afterparty; and Work, Weekend, Wow;

The last few days have been pretty rough for me. I don’t really know what’s going on. It could just be another depressive episode, but a summer time episode hasn’t ever happened before. Usually this is when things start getting better. As it is, though, I haven’t really had much time or desire to do anything, really.  Everything I’ve thought I wanted to do this month? I don’t want to do it anymore. I just can’t motivate myself even to put on makeup every day.

So today, I’m doing the best I can and instead of doing things exactly, I thought I’d just bring you some swatches of my recently purchased bareMinerals eyeshadows.

Here they are, all opened up. You can see that the duo and quad are quite nice- they come in wonderful packaging, and while they don’t include a brush, they do include those annoying sponge applicators (which, btw, are actually perfect for foundation swatching). The 7-shadow palette is cheaper cardboard packaging, no mirror, no brush… it looks pretty, but it is definitely cheaper feeling. Onto the swatches!

The Curtain Call (Duo) + The Afterparty (Quad)

Like all my swatches, there are two images: one (left pic) is in natural light from a window. The other (right) is with flash. For these swatches, I used a wet Eco Tools Eye Shading brush. From top to bottom we have:

  • Matinee (The Curtain Call): Peachy shimmer.
  • Opening Night (The Curtain Call): Brown with slight blue and green glitter bits.
  • Cheers (The Afterparty): Near-white shimmer.
  • Mingle (The Afterparty): “Gleaming pewter” or essentially bluish-silver shimmer
  • Rowdy (The Afterparty): Muted mauvish plum brown, slight shimmer.
  • Lights Down (The Afterparty): Black with silver glitter.

Work, Weekend, Wow

Like before, natural light from a window vs flash, with the same wet shading brush. From top to bottom, the swatches go in order 1-7, but by name:

  • 500 Thread Count: You can hardly see this on my arm… Light beige with just a hint of shimmer/nearly matte. bareMinerals calls this “pink” but it’s not super noticeable.
  • Trench Coat: “Light camel” from the website, which looks about right (I was having difficulty really nailing down on this shade- it looked like a darker beige, but not exactly taupe or brown. Slightly warm. Very light shimmer, as matte as bareMinerals gets.
  • Fuze: Medium-dark brown.
  • Custom Made: Very shimmery/glittery pink with some gold to look a bit peachy.
  • Rowdy: Literally the same shade in The Afterparty!
  • Starstruck: Very shimmery/almost glittery silvery/bronze (is this what pewter looks like?)
  • Nightfall: Navy blue shimmer.

All in all, I really liked how these applied- usually brushes mean I get a little less pigmentation (even wet, and especially this brush)


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