SftPF // Dior “Diorskin” Forever Flawless Ivory

Product: Dior “Diorskin” Forever Flawless in Ivory

Application Technique: RT sponge, damp (aka my normal thing).

Shade + tone: According to Sephora, this is 1Y04- depth of 4, but mostly neutral. Theyimg_3361 compare it to Naked Skin 2.5, MUFE HD Y235, Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Fair Neutral, and Josie Maran RG10. In general, all of these are more neutral but a little darker than my natural tone (none of these match me). It DOES match to Koh Gen Do #012, which does match me decently, so that to me just shows that Color IQ isn’t perfect. It does look slightly dark on me (FYI, my under eyes are done with a concealer). In general, my face is darker than the rest of me thanks to surface redness, though, so it honestly isn’t too noticeable and is quite passable. It is hard to really hammer on this tone, but from the pic to the right, it’s clear it doesn’t quite match- this was taken at the same time as my “after” pic, but.

Coverage + finish: To me, this is a fairly matte finish and gives medium to full coverage- even though it did NOT cover up my red cheeks, it DID cover up my weird light-taupey “freckles” on my cheeks and around the eyes.

How this looks and feels on my skin: Honestly, I like this finish. It doesn’t show up in pictures (and thus I didn’t get any), but it is a little bit cakey, as can be expected with a matte foundation on dry skin. It didn’t feel tight or gross on my skin, which is really nice.

How long this lasts: To be honest, I was expecting a little bit more longevity. It isn’t bad, but it’s not incredible. After almost five hours, the coverage fell quite a bit, as you can see in these closer-ups. From a distance, though, it still looks okay.

Would I wear this again? Like with most of my SftPF reviews… probably not. This is $50 foundation, and I expect it to perform like $50. It definitely feels and looks better initially, but it isn’t an amazing color match and it doesn’t seem very long-lasting at all for me with coverage fading within 5 hours (a long cry from the 16-hour wear promised). It’s nothing special.




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