Swatches // NYX High Voltage Lipstick!

These lip sticks are on clearance at Ulta right now- each one is originally $5.99, but they are on clearance for $2.99. On the website, they’re also on BOGO half off (at my local Ulta, they didn’t ring up that way, and I didn’t want to press the issue). Essentially, they’ve been on a great sale, so I wanted to pick a few more up. I already had three in my arsenal (Play Date, Sweet 16, and Dahlia), and I grabbed 6 more: Rags to Riches, Privileged, Twisted, Wine and Dine, Feline, and Flutter Kiss. They are in this order in the pictures on here.

  1. Rags to Riches: This is a hard color to describe; a bit tomato red with pink mixed in. It looks more coral next to Privileged, which is super pink, but on the lips it isn’t as fiery.
  2. Privileged: Pulls more fuchsia on me; vibrant pink with cool tones.
  3. Twisted: Slightly muted medium violet; this is slightly pinker and darker than Play Date, which has more white to it.
  4. Wine and Dine: A beautiful dark wine color
  5. Feline: A dark reddish brown. Good for a statement lip for me or even possibly a great nude for a darker skinned person.
  6. Flutter Kiss: A pinkish nude that doesn’t pull entirely warm on me.

These lipsticks are very creamy and go on really opaque on me; they happen to be one of my favorite formulas. They don’t feel drying at all, which is nice for my perpetually dry lips, but they do transfer. The shade range is typically warmer.


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