Unboxing // Beauty Box 5 June 2016

UnboxingBB5June 2016.png

When my Beauty Box 5 box came this month, I was pretty excited. While it’s usually not some kind of incredible, it’s always bright and colorful (despite the muted banner- that’s just more visually appealing to me today) and brings that brightness to my day. It was a pretty gloomy, rainy day, so the box’s ‘pop of life’ was quite welcome.

I have to say, overall this was my least favorite curation and the overall lowest valued box for me personally. But that’s okay- for the 3-month sub, it’s $10 per box, and for $10, it’s not too shabby, especially with the brushes.

In the box this month:

  1. Pur-Lisse Blue Lotus/White Tea Mask. This recently came out in an Ipsy bag, and I didn’t get it, which made me pretty sad. I’m really excited to try it out, but after seeing the value, I’m apalled! One single sheet retails at $8 which is ridiculous! In a pack of 6, one mask is worth $6- most of my sheet masks are under $4 and I get them usually for under $2. Because I can’t in my right mind justify calling a single-use product “full size,” I’m calling this a deluxe and basing value off of of the 6-pack. Deluxe sample. Retail value: $6.
  2. Prestige Cosmetics Brow/Lash Brush. The other day, I went to Target and Walmart trying to find one of these as I lost mine, and I couldn’t find one! I’m excited to see one of these in my box for that reason, but the value is pretty low. Full size. Retail value: 3.50
  3. Versaspa Face Moisturizing Tanner. This is the exact same thing that came in my BeautyCon box this summer, and I have to say I am so displeased! Last month, BB5 gave me a self-tanner lotion, and I knew tanners were inevitable in summer even though I was disappointed. I’m even more disappointed to get a second self-tanning product from the same box… in a row. Deluxe sample. Retail value: $4.38
  4. Manna Kadar Radiance Bronzer/Highlighter. In general, I have liked ever Manna Kadar product I’ve recieved, despite them not have a high “prestige brand” reputation. This looks like it might be too dark for me to use, but the highlighter shade looks like a nice golden blush, and I can definitely use this as eyeshadow.

    I’m not sure about value as I can’t find this product on Manna Kadar’s website, but according to BB5, this is… Full size. Retail value: $24.

  5. Sweep Oval Contour/Highlighter Brush. I do really like brushes, and I’m excited to try this one out! It looks like those oval paddle brushes that are becoming a bit more popular, especially for Asian beauty products. The bristles on this guy feel incredibly soft, and I did dry-test it out on my face to see if it was irritating and found it to be rather pleasant. Yes, this brush didn’t itch my face at all! I believe Sweep is a new company, so I couldn’t find much info about them online, but on their home page, they do mention they are “debuting” in Beauty Box 5, so I do feel special to have their product first! Full size. Retail value: $15.

beauty box 5 june 2016

Overall, this month was okay. The overall retail value comes out to $52.88 (or nearly $55 if you do full-price for just one sheet mask). My personal value, however, was a little low at $14.50. Still a better value than what I paid, and I do appreciate the brushes especially.


3 thoughts on “Unboxing // Beauty Box 5 June 2016

  1. Jenna says:

    I saw some $25+ per sheet masks a few weeks ago on Hautelook and nearly had a meltdown. My usual masks are around $0.50/each, and the nicer masks are around $2-3/each. The pur-lisse products are nice, and I definitely use them when I get them, but the pricing is the main reason why I haven’t outright purchased them. They’re good, but they don’t strike me as being particularly worth the premium price tag.

    I’m trying to stay away from general beauty boxes for the next few months, but this sounds like a nice one to try. Does everyone get the same curation, or is it personalized? And if you’re on the monthly plan, do you have the option to skip a month?


    • Lucy Tries Beauty says:

      That’s my exact thought about sheet masks. I get most of mine from Korea, actually, and it usually comes out around $2 each once you factor in shipping. I can’t imagine a $25 sheet mask! It’s literally ONE USE!!

      As far as this box goes… it’s alright. It isn’t my favorite box and the products don’t seem to have a clear demographic. It’s the same curation for everybody which is the real downside. I usually do 3-month subs to make them $10/box (otherwise they’re $12/box I think), and to my knowledge, they don’t have an option to skip.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jenna says:

        Sounds like the 3-month sub would be the best way to try it out in that case, and I usually give a box three good months before I cancel anyway.


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