SftPF // Missha Perfect Cover in #13

This review is long overdue; this has become one of my favorite affordable base products, and I guess it just slipped through the cracks, as I’m more concerned with reviewing my sample-sizes of foundations… Yes, this one I have in the full-size version. I originally had a few foil packets, and after my second application, I decided to get a full-size.

For those who are curious, the full-size product comes in what looks like a squeeze tube, but it has a pump. The pump makes application so much nicer! Above is a picture of the tube and what one pump of product looks like (on my metal palette).

So let’s get into the review!

Product: Missha Perfect Cover in shade #13

Application Technique: Damp RT complexion sponge.

Shade + Tone: This is a super light foundation that I find is very similar to Josie Maran Vibrancy in the lightest shade, Dynamic. Many people see this shade as a little grey, some call it more pink or more lavender. To me, it does look a tiny bit pink but I’m unsure if it’s really that cool-toned. You can see some swatches here, here, or here. For the past month, this has been one of my “near perfect” matches- and while I may have gotten just a hair darker, I still like this one and how it looks. It’s definitely passable. Yes, I am aware that in my before + afters, my before pictures always make me look darker (and more yellow, perhaps); this is just lighting. I don’t blend down my neck, so you can always just look at my neck and chest to anchor colors.

Coverage + Finish: To me, this looks like a pretty natural finish with medium coverage- I get more coverage from this than I do from some other BB creams.

How this looks + feels: This is where I have a mini-complaint. On it’s own, it does get a little bit streaky/patchy and feel a little thick. It kinda “flakes up” and I can’t figure out why. But, it’s passable and you have to be super close to me to see it, so I don’t usually mind. It’s when I try to pair it with other things that I run into problems. I have yet to find a sunscreen suitable to this foundation- the first ingredient in this is water, and then a silicone, and it’s contains physical sunscreens as well, so I have to use a water-and-silicone based sunscreen that is all physical or combo. Some of the sunscreens I’ve used before have caused this bb cream to “pill up” and look… just weird. It does feel very nice on my skin though, and containing high SPF and PA protection already, if I’m not going out in the sun during peak hours I don’t really need another sunscreen, but I’m still looking for one that I can pair with it.

How long this lasts: One of the reasons why I love this bb cream is because it does maintain coverage decently. Update pics throughout the day are shown below: the first update is after 2 hours of wear with 45 minutes of slow biking, and each one is an additional hour after application. (Side note: my lips are Revlon’s Matte Balm in Sultry, a color I think I do like)

It did get slightly patchy from the sweat; this will NOT hold up to swimming or vigorous exercise; I only did a really slow, easy spin with this on. By hour 4, the coverage began to really decline and hours 6 and 7, my rosiness really peaked through. However, this still has great staying power for a drugstore, non-drying foundation.

Would I wear this again? YES! ALL OF THE YES! No, it’s not perfect, and it’s not a “holy grail” item, but it matches my natural skin tone really well, it has some hydrating ingredients so it doesn’t look too dry on my skin, and in general it produces good results. It’s not sold in stores, but on Missha US, it’s $22 for 50ml (normal foundation/base products usually come in 30ml, so this ends up being $13.20 USD for the typical size) putting it at the higher side of drugstore range (which is totally doable for me). If you shop smart, you can get it from Korea for even cheaper. On eBay, with free shipping, there’s a listing for $13 ($7.80 for 30ml, or lower-to-mid drugstore range). So, being affordable + having some good ingredients + looking decent and having decent staying power + actually matching me decently = a good buy, IMO.




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