Unboxing // Lip Monthly June 2016

L I V E I N T H E S U N S H I N E.png

For those who don’t know, Lip Monthly is a $13/month subscription service that sends you 4-5 full size products each month in a small, cute cosmetics bag (the pattern changes each month). While most products are lip-focused (balms, crayons, gloss, lipstick, etc), each month they include one non-lip product as well. I’ve unboxed a couple of these before, but this is my third bag, and the first one I’ve paid full-price for, as my first was half off and when you go to cancel your account, you can get your next bag for 20% off (just a tip!).


In the bag (which is a cute lime green bag, patterned with cherries), we have:

  • Be a Bombshell The One Stick in Girl Crush. This is a lip and cheek dual product. It has a plasticy “cosmetics” smell to it. It’s a light-medium muted pink with slight peachy tones and golden glitter. Because of the glitter, it glides on a bit rough, and because of the smell, I don’t really want to put this on my lips. It does look like a nice cream blush-highlighter thing as the color is actually pretty sheer. Full size. Retail value: $16.
  • Jelly Pong Pong Lipstick Butter in Balloons. Oh my, is this packaging cute! It is actually incredibly reminiscent of Tarte’s Amazonian Lipstick Butter packaging with the cardboard. It smells great and glides on easily, but the color is a warmer-toned orangey nude. Full size. Retail value: $18.95


    Top to bottom: The One Stick in Girl Crush, Lipstick Butter in Balloons, Lip Color Stick in Chrislie, and Luminizing Stick in Pink Glow.

  • Measurable Difference Lip Color Stick in Chrislie. I am a huge fan of lip crayons, and this one is actually really nice. There is no discernable scent, which is fine for me, and it goes on nice. It is not too thick but goes on fairly opaque in a deep red-berry shade. Full size. Retail value: $13 
  • Peony Cosmetics Luminizing Stick in Pink Glow. Calling this pink glow is a bit of a misnomer; it’s definitely a peachy color. Unlike the Be a Bombshell product, this is shimmer instead of glittery and honestly looks great for a subtle, peachy highlight. It goes on smooth and pigmentation is not too crazy so it won’t overshadow my fair skin. Full size. Retail value $22.


Overall, the value of this bag is quite good: $69.95! I know I usually do a little chart with my personal value, but I haven’t quite figured that out yet. This bag confuses me a little bit because there are some colors here I’m unsure about. I speculate a personal value around $20-30, but it will take me some time to decide what products I like.



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