Review // Ofra Long-Lasting Liquid Lip in St. Tropez and Dubai

Lipstick Review.png

I posted a review of this type of liquid lip in a different color a bit ago, which you can find here. Usually I don’t care to do second reviews of the same product- we expect the same product to perform the same, regardless of color. This was not the case with the Ofra lips!

In my first review, I mentioned the crazy amount of transfer and how it never dried down. Perhaps this was an issue with the one color, Honolulu, because now I’ve tried two more, and my experience is totally different.

Shades + Tones:

  •  Dubai: The first picture is Dubai. In the tube it looks like a light nude brown, slightly warm. On me, oddly enough the warmth dies down a little bit and it just looks like my lips have lost a lot of pigment. It doesn’t look bad necessarily, it’s just different on me. It may be that my lips in general are a little mauvey, but I do get something slightly more neutral and it definitely looks much more muted on me than I expected.
  • St. Tropez. This is the second picture. I really like this on me. It is a pretty bright pink in the tube, but somehow on me it pulls slightly more berry and a touch more muted.

Finish: Unlike Honolulu, these both dried down pretty well to essentially a matte finish. Despite being matte, they didn’t feel too drying or look too patchy or weird.

Transfer: They did transfer if you wiped them, but did NOT experience any of the horrible transfer I got from Honolulu. Dubai and St. Tropez both look like the original LLL packaging, whereas the Honolulu shade was in a longer tube (newer packaging), so I’m wondering if my Honolulu is a bad batch ):

Lasting: I would say that the name is aptly suited- they are long-lasting. I didn’t remember pictures, but they lasted through eating ramen and avocados, so there’s that.

Would I wear them again: I would absolutely wear St. Tropez again, but I’m unsure about Dubai. I’d like to try mixing before I make decisions.

Ratings: 7/10 for Dubai and 8/10 for St. Tropez. The formula on this is really good, although I’d prefer even less transfer. My rating for Dubai is slightly lower because I’m unsure about the shade. These are kind of expensive- nearly $20- and that also drops their rating a bit.



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