Unboxing // Beauty Army June 2016

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Beauty Army is something that’s new to me, so this is also a “first impressions” kind of deal. They were fairly popular a few years back, but when I started sub boxes, they were pretty dead. I got an email about a new “brand ambassador” a bit ago, claiming the site got a makeover, and I found some new samples were up, and decided to go for it

How this works:  You have a couple options. One, purchase a one-off box. This is what I did. These are $12, free shipping, and you choose each of your samples from a list of possibilities that they claim is curated to your profile. I don’t remember filling one out, though… Hm. Two, sign up for a recurring subscription. Monthly is $12, but prices go down a TINY BIT with a longer sub (to $132/year). The sample choosing process is the same, and each month they email you when you can get a new box.

Sample choice: You go through the process, choosing each sample independently of the last one. Meaning that you can, theoretically, get 6 of the same samples should you choose that. It’s kinda clunky (you have to go through 6 web pages), but being able to get the same sample in different shades is nice. Samples vary between foil packet, deluxe, and cheaper/smaller full-size.

Presentation: The box is alright. When I first saw it, the pattern + black/white for some reason made me think “cows.” Maybe zebra, but I thought of cows. Inside, the color scheme is a jewel-toned purple, which I really liked, plus they called me gorgeous 🙂

My box:


  • Laneige BB Cushion Sampler.yzwlwa4 On their sample choice, this kind of alluded towards full-size or a large sample; this is actually a total of 6g of product in 3 shades (light, medium, dark). I took a risk choosing this, as I knew I probably would not get full-size and I couldn’t select my shade.
    Honestly, I’m not disappointed because I was aware of the risk. I don’t believe any of these would work for me, but my sister might appreciate trying out the “light” color. “Deluxe sample” size but kinda foil-packet? Retail value: $6.80.
  • Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara in 001 Blackest Black. This was one of the few full-size makeup options. It doesn’t have the best reviews online, but I do love to review products myself. I’m adding this to my queue of mascaras (which is quite large right now). Full size. Retail value $5.96 on Amazon.
  • Burt’s Bees Lips Crayon in Sedona Sands. I was a bit disappointed they didn’t have any other colors available in this type, but I was excited to try it anyway as we all know how much I love lip crayons! It is a muted nude with a bit of warmth, so we’ll see if I actually like it. Full size. Retail value: $9. 


    Top to bottom: Sedona Sands, Rose, and Sweet Violet

  • Scratch Nail Polish in 310 Strawberry Ice Cream. This brand is actually a Swedish brand, which excited me most as Swedish culture is big on my mother’s side of the family (her parents served missions there). The polish looks pretty runny, so I’m curious how it will perform, but I’m also optimistic. Full size. Retail value: $7.23 after conversion.
  • Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Rose and Sweet Violet. Yes, I chose two of the same thing, but in two different shades. I really like tinted lip balms, and I’m making an effort to use lip balm more regularly to help with my chapped/dry lips. The colors are very sheer/light, but that’s okay with me. Full size. Retail value: $4.50 each, at Walmart for a total of $9.
  • Bonus: $25 Shoptique Gift Card. I didn’t know much about this at all, and I’m not including this in terms of value, but I want to touch on it a bit. It looks like this is a bonus that will end at some indefinite time. It is valid on anything at Shoptiques. I put $25 of product in my cart (candles and a vase), and it only charged me shipping. I’m unsure if it will cover the cost of shipping or not.

beauty army june 2016

Overall: I had a good experience overall with Beauty Army, and I’ll check back next month to see if they continue to add items I’d be interested in trying. For $12 shipped, it’s not a bad price at all. I got a retail value of $38, and a personal value of about $21, and as I get to choose my samples and choose if I want a box at all, I’m happy with the service.


4 thoughts on “Unboxing // Beauty Army June 2016

  1. Kristen says:

    I’m so happy you’ve received your box. Wish I could say the same. I order a one year subscription for my sister back in December and she has received only a few emails saying its on the way and still ZERO boxes! I’m very upset and embarrassed that I gave my amazing sister such a crappy gift. I hope they make this right because I’m telling EVERYONE that they’re thieves and liars!


    • Lucy Tries Beauty says:

      I believe it’s under new management. The website had appeared abandoned for a while, and only recently did it come back up. It’s upsetting definitely to have such a bad experience (especially when it’s a gift!! ugh!!). I would contact them again personally, calmly describe what happened, and ask for a refund- hopefully they make it right, at least now that they are at least TRYING again.


  2. Yvonne says:

    I ordered my first box last night despite seeing only negative reviews on Yourube from years ago. From what I have gathered, Army Box has recently obtained new management and is working to improve. Many of the samples that you (and I) chose were available a year ago according to the reviews that I saw, but yours look fine to me. So, I was delighted to read your more recent thoughts! I hope they do get better because the concept of choosing what we want without a mandatory monthly subscription peaks my interest. Although, the rules for mine stated that I could only get one of each brand per kit (and only one kit a month) so I’m jealous! Thanks for the great review!


    • Lucy Tries Beauty says:

      I just went back to their website, and it looks different now than it previously did. I think they added the “can’t choose multiple products from the same brand” is relatively new, and probably because people (like me?) chose a lot of similar products and they want to get rid of other stock as well. A lot of it does seem old, but my items were perfectly fine (not expired at all, still good quality). I’d love to see their stock actually change up, because it’s definitely do this box again if I had other sample choices.


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