Unboxing // Scent Trunk June 2016

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My last Scent Trunk package finally came in the mail, so of course I’m going to give a mini-review of all the perfumes!

For those who aren’t aware of this sub, it’s a niche/indie perfume subscription. For $18/month, the company (based out of Canada) sends you little spritzers of 3 different perfumes you won’t find in any store. They come with a little info card about the fragrance. You can rate the fragrance online and Scent Trunk will personalize your next box to your tastes.


This month, I received:

  • Elfen Spring by Auphorie. This was was alright. I loved the idea- a clean, fresh scent that stays fresh down to the dry down. It opens up slightly aquatic, but there’s a touch of fruit in it that reminds me almost of cantaloupe. Now, the middle notes are where it starts getting muddled; instead of staying this fresh, slightly aquatic scent, it ends up reminding me more of a detergent as some floral notes shone through. Also a nail in the coffin: I tasted detergent for two hours after putting this on.
  • Puck’s Potion by La Fleur by Livvy. I wanted to like this so much as I assumed this was a reference to Shakespeare’s Puck, plus the other perfume I tried by this perfumer (Forbidden Love) was good. Also, the idea of cassis- blackberries, blackcurrants (my favorite fruit), and cedar and patchouli- intrigued me. Something about this, however, just didn’t smell harmonious, if that makes sense.
  • Citron Pomelo by Note Fragrances. Hands down, this is my favorite fragrance from the month. Reviews online will tell you this is a grapefruit-like scent; having had actual pomelo (and it being my favorite citrus fruit), I can tell you it is pomelo scented, just like the name suggests. Pomelo is similar to grapefruit, but the rind is much more floral, so when you eat a pomelo, the floral scent combines with the astringent, slightly bitter-sweet flesh, and it pairs amazingly. Pomelo fruit is just a touch sweeter than grapefruit. While this fragrance doesn’t quite nail down the floral components of pomelo, it does get the flesh’s scent correct, and it smells divine. It reminds me of an Bath and Body Works body spray I used to use in my teens. It is pretty strong, but it’s heavenly. I also like that when it dries down over the day, it goes from bright and sparkly to slightly more musky- making it great in the day and then still perfect in the evening.

Because this box is $18, and I have enough fragrance to last me a while, I think I’m going to cancel. I highly suggest you take a look at it, especially while they have a $4.95 promo going for your first box. Not only do they only work with niche and indie brands, but they donate 1.5% of sales to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation for research into depression and other mental illnesses- something I very strongly support. I’m sad to see this box go, but I know it’s right for me right now.


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