Unboxing // Boxycharm June 2016

Boxycharm June 2016 (1).png

This is my fourth Boxycharm, and I have to say, I thought the theme this month was so cute! As usual, it took a bit over a week to get to me, but now that it’s here, I’m so ecstatic! While this month’s personal value is on the lower end of this box, I’m still very pleased.


In my box this month, I found…

  • Cougar Beauty Mineral Face & Body Shimmer. I’ve never heard of the brand, and it doesn’t really appeal to me (at 22, and in a stable long-term relationship with a man a year older, I definitely don’t feel like a cougar), but this looks cool. It’s a loose powder that looks like a mix between shimmer powder and bronzer- a lighter bronzer, too- so I’m excited to try this out. Being a loose powder, I think I can make sure it is not too pigmented or dark on my skin. I don’t have anything else like it, so I’m excited! Full size. Retail value: $16.
  • OFRA Oil Control Pressed Powder. I am not oily. I may get sweaty during the summer, but not oily.  That said, this is a translucent powder and looks like it would be good for setting, not just oil control, and I’m very excited to see how it performs under my eyes. Full size. Retail value: $39.95
  • Farmacy Brightening Coconut Gel Masks. I am so excited for this! This is a pack of 3 masks, and as we all know, masking is my favorite! I’m a little concerned that the coconut will be slightly comodogenic, but I’m thrilled that they’re “brightening.” I’ve heard great things about Farmacy, so I’m excited to try them out (even if I wouldn’t ever pay $8 per single-use sheet mask). Full size (3 masks). Retail value: $24.
  • LVX Nail Lacquer in Serene. I know a lot of people get snippy at beauty boxes when they include polish, especially two times in a row… I love nail polish and doing my nails. I typically value each polish pretty low initially ($5/bottle, as that’s usually my “buy in store” cap), but I love having them, and I don’t mind getting them in a bag or box. Serene is a lovely periwinkle (muted medium blue). I will definitely get use out of this. Full size. Retail value:$18
  • Girlactik Precise Eyeliner Marker. If you know me at all, you know that liquid liner is not my friend. Eyeliner markers? Yes. I currently have two open with a couple new, but this is always nice to have. The tip of it looks very long, though- so much longer than the other marker/pen style liners I have that I’m unsure if this will hinder my experience or not. It seems much better quality than the Essence liner I currently use. Full size. Retail value: $20.


Overall, this month had a decent retail value: $117.95. For a $21 box (that I get for $19.67), this is great! My kinda-generous values for the shimmer and pressed powder probably even out my lower value for the masks, polish, and marker (funny- those are the items I know I will use), and overall I give this box a personal value of $41- which is the lowest I’ve had from Boxy, but still great.


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