SftPF // Tarte’s Empowered Hybrid Gel in Fair-Light Neutral

I could write up some kind of intro. But honestly, I don’t think I need to. Today I’ll be reviewing Tarte’s “Hybrid Gel” Double Duty Foundation. I picked this up during Tarte’s Mother’s Day Sale a while ago- I even did an almost-fully Tarte face with the items I bought, which was fun! I was planning on doing a review then (I mentioned that it looked a bit dark or just… off… for me). I dropped the ball a bit and forgot to jot down any major notes. I wanted to try it again, but this time use a white mixer to try to make it more wearable for me. In this review, I’ll show the foundation how it is and the mixing product.

Product: Tarte’s Double Duty Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation in “Fair-Light Neutral.” Mixed in the full review with a white mixer- it’s “Professional” something that is actually a very cheap thing I bought from China (and is probably awful for my skin).

Application Technique: To nobody’s surprise, I’m using a damp RT complexion sponge! I dabbed the product all over my face (and dabbed white mixer for the mixed review) and blended. Yes, I used it for both faces 🙂 Below is a lovely picture of me with foundation and mixer dotted everywhere. It actually felt amazing to go on, too- easy blending and nice, cooling effect.


Product Packaging: This comes in a jar/pot. I prefer the wide mouth jars like this over those jars that look like there should pump but there isn’t one… but that said, I prefer pump or squeeze. Ah well. You can see the relative size of the jar below- the mini jar is a MAC sample.


Shade + Tone: Well, this… isn’t exactly what I’d call fair, although it definitely looks fair in the packaging, especially compared to that MAC sample, which FYI is the Prolongwear in NC15. Note that the sample is shaded. I may do a swatch sometime but they look similar IMO. On me, it just looks…. weird? It’s too dark. Definitely too dark. It does look maybe more neutral in that picture, but IMO it does pull more yellow. Sephora changed their Color IQ thing online (you can’t search by brand), so after some searching, I found out this is NOT on Sephora’s Color IQ system. However, Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea foundation in Fair-Light Neutral matches 1Y05. This foundation is not on Findation or MatchMyMakeup, has no votes on Temptalia, and in general is hard to find any comparison to what I have. Swatches of it indicate it is darker than my current “good matches.”


This image above is full-size to get an idea of what this foundation looks like on my skin as-is. You can see it’s not quite right… So let’s add the mixer and we see…


Hrm. So, this foundation’s shade + tone are confusing to me. Even with the ridiculous amounts of white mixer, if the lights are off and all that’s coming in is this natural light from a window, I still think it looks dark (nd this, mind you, is not oxidation dark) but head-on, it tends to look like I added too much white?


My neck and chest look incredibly pink next to this face, and it also just looks wrong. *sigh.* Maybe the tone of this foundation is simply too yellow for me.

Coverage + Finish: Alone, this gave medium coverage with a dewy finish. With the mixer I used, coverage actually went up a tiny bit but the finish became a bit more powdery- but don’t mind that; I used more mixer than foundation I think.

How this looks + feels on my skin: Alone, this looked and felt beautiful! I didn’t remember to get any pictures up close with it on alone, but it did not emphasize my dry patches and made me look great. When I added in that mixer, though, it was a bit cakey- again, this is from the mixer and not the foundation itself, I believe. I do have pictures of that…

Trust me when I say it was worse in person. But, over the course of the day it did become a little more luminous, perhaps even bordering oily, although I was in heat helping a friend donate some things (it was most likely sweat).

Longevity: The first time I used it alone, it wore for a while, and I was very pleased with that. However, that was also in cooler temperatures. Now that it’s officially summer and my skin routine is going great, my skin is slightly less dry and I’m sweating more. I found the coverage was definitely lessened when I got home, about 9 hours after applications. I’m sorry it’s so blurry- my phone is being a POS lately ):


Would I ever wear this again: I am trying so hard to make this foundation work for me, you guys. I loved the idea, I love how it feels on me, I love it’s finish… but the shade just does not want to work. I don’t really know. I’m holding onto it in case I ever get darker, but now I’m not sure if the undertones will even work for me or what. Needless to say, I’m disappointed. I will probably try to mix in my NYX Opalescent. If that doesn’t make this foundation usable, then unfortunately, I probably will not wear this unless they come out with Fair Neutral so I don’t have to use so much mixer it changes the foundation.


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