Unboxing // Benevolent Beauty Box June 2016

Copy of Back.png

Benevolent Beauty Box is perhaps my favorite “little known” subscription service, and this is only the second month I’ve had it! Something about the sub just… puts my mind at peace, this box included.


Included in the box this month:

  • Terre Mere Bronzer Brush. It’s hard to explain the shape of this brush. It’s medium-sized (smaller than a face brush, larger than a concealer or eye brush), and it flares out from the base into a “cone shape.” The top of it is flat, like a stippling brush. The bristles are vegan, and it is INCREDIBLY soft. To me, this is the perfect shape and size for what it is: a bronzer brush! I’m incredibly happy to receive this brush. Retail value: $34
  • Terre Mere Matte Lipstick in Someone Special. This isn’t matte like matte liquid lipstick, but for a bullet lipstick is has a slightly more matte finish. That said, it is still creamy, which I like, but it means it does have the potential to smudge. The color is a nice brownish-nude and I believe it has some pink to it, but my skin pulls everything warm in general. It is medium depth. I’m still slightly unsure how I like it on my lips. Organic and vegan. Retail Value: $39


    “Top” of the bronzer to show the locking mechanism. You twist it to lock it open or closed.

  • Mineral Hygienics Mineral Bronzer in Cool Kiss. Medium to dark skin received Warm Kiss. While this says Cool Kiss, it doesn’t look hugely cool necessarily, but maybe it is cool compared to the warm option? While I do think it’s a touch dark for the fairest skin tones, it looks much lighter than some other bronzers I have, and for that I’m incredibly grateful- this will get used! Slight shimmer, but not intense. I love that the top of this has a way to “lock” it so the loose powder does go everywhere. Note, I swatched this with the bronzer brush for the swatch pic 🙂 Retail value: $20
  • Modern Minerals Eyeshadow in Surya. Loose pigment shadow, which is something a greatly enjoy. This is a brand-new color, not yet on Modern Minerals’ website. The top of it looks similar to old bareMinerals containers with a few holes in the sifter for you to pick up the pigment or “tap” it out into the cap, but there is no way to “lock” it like the bronzer, so it’s possible for the powder to get everywhere- so store it right side up. The color looks like a bronze shimmer, but it swatches lighter and more glittery (not a bad thing necessarily). Retail value: $12.50


    Swatches! From top to bottom:  Terre Mere Matte Lipstick in Someone Special, Colour Switch, Colour Switch + Someone Special, Cool Kiss Bronzer, and Surya eyeshadow.

  • Saturated Colour Colour Switch. This is essentially a creamy white lipstick meant to be used as a lipstick mixer. You can see in the swatch picture what it looks like by itself and then with Someone Special layered on top of it and blended a bit with my finger. You can control how much white you want to add, and it works well for ombre effect lips. The packaging for this one is super cute but less intuitive, as the product actually stands up on the “cap” so the bullet is pointed down. Interesting! This contains beeswax and lanolin making it the only non-vegan product in this box. For me, I don’t mind that much; neither are really “cruel” and are still vegetarian ingredients, just not vegan, and lanolin is a HG lip ingredient for me. Retail value: $13

benevolent beauty june 2016

Total retail value: $118.50! While the retail value on this isn’t as amazing as May’s, I’m incredibly impressed. May’s value came mostly from a $75 primer; I’m glad the value is a little better spread out in this one. Personal value for me was pretty high up there at $58- not bad at all, especially as I don’t value vegan labels as highly as other people do.

If you’re new or just haven’t heard of this box, this is a CrateJoy (read: small) box operation. This full-size box is $30/month regularly and contains 4-7 full size products that are guaranteed cruelty-free, including any “parent brands. The owner, Rachel Henderson, is super nice and very passionate about her cause. While most items are vegan, not all are, and she is working on creating a vegan option. She does offer a mini box with 2-3 items for $16/month as well.


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