SftPF // Swatches: bareMinerals Original Powder Foundation in Fair, Fairly Light, and Light

I’m in the process of destashing products that definitely do not work for me (more on that later) and realized that I have a tendency to avoid powder foundations despite the original bareMinerals formula actually working out decently for me. I knew that Light  (W15, a warm color) didn’t work well for me despite having multiple tubs of it, and as I’m looking to destash all of that product, now is as good a time as any to swatch.

I’m lazy and only did some wrist swatches, but I don’t need to color match myself on this one, really.

From top to bottom: Fair, Fairly Light, and Light. Natural light vs flash (if you couldn’t tell).

I usually use Fair, but sometimes I mix in a tiny bit of Fairly Light. When I’ve been more tan historically, I’ve used Fairly Light, but to me it still pulls just slightly too warm (color IQ = 3Y04). Fair usually works just fine, although I think it’s laughable that Sephora matches it to 2R05 (it’s definitely lighter than that). The color Light (Color IQ=3Y06) tends to match my older sister well.



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