Swatches // My Current Concealers: Maybelline 15, NYX Porcelain, Bye Bye Under Eyes Light, Glamoflauge!

In all my foundation-trying glory, I realized I haven’t even bothered to talk about the concealers I have. Honestly, I use concealers much less- I don’t have bad acne and don’t mind some redness poking through- so I often just use concealer under my eyes. I don’t need it to be perfect, so I’m less concerned about finding a “good match.” I did take swatches the other day for a friend, though, so why not share them on here, too?

Of course, we have your standard natural light from my window vs flash. From top to bottom, swatches are:

  • Maybelline Fit Me in 15 Fair. I’ve heard this was actually the lightest one, but it’s my darkest concealer!
  • Glamoflauge in Light. This was actually from a sample somebody sent me; slightly lighter than the Fit Me
  • Glamoflauge in Ultra Light. Light and quite yellow!
  • NYX HD in Porcelain. Looks on par with the Glamoflauge in light
  • Urban Decay Naked Skin FOUNDATION in 0.5. I included this one just to help gauge the color a little better for my friend
  • IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eyes in Light. This was one of my first ever “real” makeup purchases. It is a little light and yellow for me, but overall it works to help brighten up my kinda sunken under eye region. It’s just soooo much harder to use (in a squeeze tube) and I have to really set it well or it gets into all my fine lines when I smile.

I have a couple other concealers as well, and maybe I’ll do swatches of those, but I don’t use them really… ever. I have a sample of Chantilly coming from Nars RCC, so expect some more concealer swatches soon!


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