SftPF // Innisfree Smart Foundation Perfect Cover #13

FYI- I’m changing up the formatting on my foundation reviews to include more information, such as price and where to get them, and in general I’m trying to “clean it up” to look nicer. Let me know what you think!

Product Information:
Innisfree Smart Foundation Perfect Cover in #13 Light Beige, 15ml
$6.00 at InnisfreeWorld but OOS; may be more or less on eBay and Amazon
Comes in a small (15ml) squeeze tube.

Application Information:
Per usual: I put a little foundation on a metal palette, use my fingers to dot the product over my face, and blend out using a damp RT complexion sponge (stippling + pressing in). No primer beforehand and because I suck, I also forgot sunscreen.

Product Performance:

Before + After Pics:

Shade +
Tone: Good match!

I wasn’t expecting to like this one as much as I did, but I honestly think this fits me very, very well. It is a little on the yellow side but blends well into my neck. On Sephora’s  system, I might give this a 1 or 2 yellow-depth and a 1 shade depth (1Y01/2Y01), but take that with a grain of salt as always. It is definitely not as pink as Missha Perfect Cover #13, but it doesn’t look as yellow as my MAC NC samples.

Coverage + Finish: Medium; natural/velvety
On me, the coverage is probably around medium. It doesn’t cover up my surface redness completely, but it does do a decent job of it. Finish is a natural to velvety finish- it’s not overly matte but it’s not dewy either. Note: I used an Ulta finishing spray at the end- it usually doesn’t change finish for me like powder or my NYX Dewy spray.

Look + Feel:  Slightly cakey; mostly weightless
I didn’t manage to get any good close-up pictures as I was in a rush the day I tested this out. It settles a tiny bit into lines and cakes a bit- doesn’t look 100% flawless up close. This cream is a bit thick (more so than the Mizon Snail Repair or the Missha Signature Complexion Coordinating) so that is to be expected. It’s not bad, it’s just not perfect. The feel is decent. It was a bit tacky to begin with but with my setting spray it set. It didn’t feel tight or slippery or anything negative on my skin.

Longevity: 6-9 hours+
I put this on at around 10 in the morning and by about 4 I started to notice it slipping, especially where my glasses were. By 7 my forehead was actually, oddly, a little bit oily (could be the change in weather where I live). Overall, however, coverage maintained decently in the 9 hours I had it on but it definitely did lose coverage. Disclaimer: I didn’t do much today, just ran some errands and sat on my butt on the couch. It WAS hot, but I wasn’t outside very often.

Would I Wear This Again?
The simple answer to this is yes! It feels nice and looks decent enough that I don’t mind the slight caking. I love that it comes in such a tiny bottle and squeeze tube, and I love that the squeeze tube has a little nozzle that is longer and thinner, so it’s easier to control the amount coming out. Also love how affordable it is. Color match is one of the better ones for me- it is sufficiently light and not too yellow or too pink.


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