Anti-Haul // What I’m Not Gonna Buy, July 2016


After my fairly low-buy in June, I’ve come to embrace my inner Kimberly Clark. There are so many things I can look at and say “You don’t need it!” Here are all the new products I’m not going to be buying in July

  1. L’oreal Pro Glow Foundation. Oh, man, I wanted to try this so badly! But, with the CS rep telling me August, I made a plan to buy it… in August. And now, only maybe. Sure, it seems like a great idea for my dry skin, but do you want to know how many foundations and bb/cc creams I have? Open (and new) but full-size, I have over 30. Thirty. I don’t need to add another one. How long with this foundation last me? Oh, idk, a couple decades? Nope, I’m holding off on this one for a while.
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. I believe Kimberly Clark herself talked about this, but seriously, it’s pointless for me. I have ONE skin tone, not four. Do I need four shimmery highlight shades when only one might be light enough for me? Oh hell no. I don’t need it.
  3. Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Split. I don’t actually know when this is going to be released, but this… isn’t anything special? I like that the packaging looks nice for travel and it’s half blush, half highlight- that’s cool- but who needs this? Chances are all of us have more blush than we can use in the next 5 years and a highlighter that works well. I definitely have enough blush, and while I’m still on the fence about my highlighters, the fact that this collab just keeps coming out with the same stuff bothers me. Nope. Nuh-uh. Not gonna buy.
  4. Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops. I first heard of these from grav3yardgirl (Bunny) in one of her haul videos… and that swatch she showed turn me off. Yes, it’s pigmented. VERY pigmented.And very shiny. It is so intense, I don’t know when I’d ever need something so in-your-face. Too much for my makeup tastes.
  5. Maybelline Master Strobing Stick Illuminating Highlighter. See all the above. I do NOT need any more highlighters.
  6. Mac Vamplify. One, it’s a gloss. I KNOW that it’s a more pigmented gloss, but it’s still a gloss, and how many glosses does a girl need? I’m not into the glossy lip look that much. Two, it’s $20. If I’m going to spend $20 on something, it’s again, not gonna be a gloss. Three, I HATE HATE HATE limited edition items or formulas that “come back” for a set time. It’s marketing to create hype and I’m just so… over it.
  7. UD Vice Lipsticks. I’m not saying I will never own one, but this month, I don’t intend to buy anyway. I have 125 full-sized open lipsticks right now. More if you count deluxe samples from Ipsy. Do I need them? Do I need that kind of clutter? No. I don’t.
  8. Any Urban Decay palette. This includes the two on sale right now at Sephora. The reason for this: I have two UD palettes, a Vice 4 and the Alice through the Looking Glass. I know LE palettes like those tend to be worse quality, but I also own Lounge as a single. They’re not bad at all, but I prefer other formulas, like Lorac or Kat Von D. Let’s talk about the specific palettes on sale
    1. Gwen Stefani. I loved Gwen in No Doubt and respect her as a person and artist, but this palette is… uninspiring. Neutrals, neutrals, more neutrals, a glittery pink, dark blue, and gold? So many of the same neutral colors that would just… look the same. I have the Semi-Sweet palette that has a glittery pink and dark blue in it. Yes, the glittery pink is much lighter, but out of the 24 single pans I have from Coastal Scents, I’m sure I can make that same color. And the gold? When have I ever used gold? Never. I’ve never thought “man I wish I had gold.” Even at $25, it’s not worth it. I’m not saving any money by buying this on sale; I’m spending $25.
    2. Spectrum. I love looking at this, but I noticed two things: 1) the colors are quite dark and my eyes are sunken in a bit, and 2) when would I ever actually wear them? I have my blues, greens, and purples from Coastal Scents to play with. I did that on purpose. I do NOT need 15 more shadows, half of which I might never even use.

So there we have it! There are definitely more items I’m not going to buy, but these are all the ones speaking to me right now.


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