Unboxing // Fandom of the Month June 2016: Wizard of Oz!

Ristorante (1).png

I swear when I made this banner, it looked less dizzying. Ah well. You can’t pet every pug…

For those who don’t know, Fandom of the Month is a CateJoy subscription box that has a “fandom” theme. Every month they change up their theme to represent a different fantasy world (or aspect of a fantasy world). May’s theme was Sherlock (the TV show), and June was Wizard of Oz. In each box, there is a magnet with minimalist artwork depicting the theme and a little screen-printed bag that is also in theme. The bag contains a few jewelry or lifestyle items created by Fandom of the Month.

While I know it’s well into July, these boxes always get in at the end of the month for me.

This month: Follow the Yellow Brick Road! This is a Wizard of Oz theme that contains:

  • Gold-Colored Necklace of Dorthy and Co. This is a shorter necklace that features the iconic silhouette of Scarecrow, Tin Man, Dorthy, and Cowardly Lion.
  • Yellow Brick Road Bangle. This is a large bracelet meant to look like the yellow brick road in pattern and color. On the inside of the bracelet, the words “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” are engraved.
  • Dorothy-Inspired Button Earrings. One pair are a checkerboard blue, like Dorthy’s dress. Another pair are obviously inspired by the ruby slippers. Unforuntately, you can’t click the earrings together and transport back home, no matter how much you mutter that “there’s no place like home.”

As with my first box, all the items are not top quality (meaning they are not solid gold), but they are decent quality. These are not your old Claire’s jewelry. I am unsure what metal is used to craft the jewelry, and I’m unsure if the gold color is plated or more of a hard plastic coat. For $13, the quality is better than expected.

Gold is not my best color, but it is completely in theme with Wizard of Oz. I really think Fandom of the Month portrayed this fantasy world very well!


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