Activity // Different Day, Different Mask

I have a lot of masks. While I’ve never counted how many independently, it’s safe to say I have more than enough sheet masks alone to last me over a year with my current usage.. which clearly means I need to use them more often- and while I’m at it, maybe use some of my wash-off masks as well. I decided to set up a fun activity geared at using up my skin care. For the next 4 weeks, I’m going to use a different mask each day!

As I mentioned recently, having a ton of options tends to make me a little anxious/antsy and actually less likely, in general, to use anything. It’s almost like “option overload.” So, I decided to set up a little calendar, making the decisions on what mask to use when now so I can’t use “option overload” as an excuse not to use a mask.

ALEX (1).png

Most of these are sheet masks, but I do, notably, have 6 wash-offs and an eye mask on there. If it’s not very clear, I’m starting tomorrow (7/10) and going for 4 weeks, using 28 different masks.

At the end of each week, I’m hoping to post a “weekly round up” style post to showcase my thoughts on each one that I use and whether or not I’ll repurchase any of these masks (I can already tell you, though- those Epielle masks? I will most likely not repurchase any of those).


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