Unboxing // Mask Maven, June 2016

Unboxing-Mask Maven June 2016.png

Beauteque had a small problem last month: their mask suppliers encountered a delay, meaning they didn’t have their masks to ship out. When June ended and I hadn’t even received tracking info for my June Mask Maven bag, I knew something was wrong. They eventually emailed about it (including a coupon for $5 off a mask purchase), and it’s all good now- especially because my June Mask Maven finally came!!

This month’s Mask Maven’s theme was ‘Skincare Sundae’ and contained:

  • Dr. Morita Green Tea & Amino Essence Mask. Value: $1.99
  • A’Pieu Melon and Milk Mask. Not on their website, but other masks by this brand go for $2.20
  • Lovemore Wine Yeast Mask. Value: $2.20
  • Lovemore Rose Hybrid Whitening Mask. Value: $2.20
  • Daylight and Hue Propolis Mask. Not on their website (this whole brand isn’t), and I can only seem to find them on eBay for $2.35.
  • Lus Essence Royal Jelly Mask. ANOTHER one not on the website, which is also frustrating. I can find it on amazon, for $6.70 per one pack, $3 from Beauty Encounter, and $1.45 from Rakuten.com – so I’m going to say this one is worth $3 because that’s about the average there.
  • Ipuda Strawberry Mask. Not shockingly, not on the website… some digging shows that from amazon, they’re about $13 for a pack of ten, making one worth about $1.30.
  • no:hj Manuka Honey Mask. ALSO not on their website, but others from this brand go for $2.25 (and that’s the “original price” from Korea Depart).
  • Hanaka Macaron Hyaluronic Acid Mask. There’s only one of these masks, and it’s packaged like half of a macaron. This is a wash off! Online it looks like two come in a set, but it could just be to show both sides of packaging, which would make a single one worth $3.90. This makes most sense to me because they also sell a set of 10 for $20, so it would make no sense to sell two for $3.90 (as that’s cheaper then to buy them in packs of 2). Plus, the weight (0.5 oz vs 6.4 oz) leads me to believe it’s only 1 for $3.90.

Overall, the value of this bag, after some digging, looks like it’s around $19, which is around what I paid ($15 + $3.95 S&H). This isn’t a “great value” sub but rather a sub to get some good masks that are curated, to try new things, and to not need to get a huge amount to make it cost efficient (as shipping from Korea is so expensive). For instance, 9 masks from RRS would end up costing nearly $12 just in shipping, so even with “cheaper” masks, the cost is more than you’d expect.

I’m happy with this bag, but I have paused my subscription. I simply have too many masks right now, and I need to take a break and use up what I have.


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