Unboxing // Birchbox July 2016


So, it’s now past the 11th, meaning Birchbox has finally rolled about all their changes. I was able to leave reviews for my items before the 11th (when my box shipped), so I still have 50 more points I could earn- I’m still debating on this.

But now my July box has come- it’s either my second to last or very last- and of course, the review needs to come!


The box itself is okay. The kinda random smudge thing isn’t my favorite, but it isn’t ugly. The random yellow smudge looks strange, but otherwise the colors look nice at least.


Inside, the items I received were actually okay, although I’m not 100% excited about them, but considering this is Birchbox, I’m not too upset.

  • Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion. This deluxe sample is 0.25oz and contains salicylic acid, caviar lime extract, and lentil seed extract. The last scrub I got from Birchbox instantly over-exfoliated my face, but I’ll be interested in trying this now that my nose/T-zone has suddenly become gross.
  • Marcelle Xtension Plus Curl Mascara. As mascara-logged as I am, I do appreciate not needing to buy any in stores. This was my sample choice- I wouldn’t normally try this brand, nor do I often have the option. I’ve seen some good before-and-afters of this online, and I do like DS size mascaras anyway, so it still holds some value to me.
  • Tocca Eau de Parfume in Bianca. This one was WORTHLESS to me. Tea and lemon? Sounds yummy! Except this is so floral, I can’t stand it. Gross.
  • Clinique City Block Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Gel. Given that my skin has suddenly become absolutely disgusting and congested, I’m actually kind of excited to try this out.
  • Loc Ultra-Glossy Lip Pencil in Punch Line. First of all- NO SHEA! YAY! A lip product I can actually use!! Secondly- I think lip pencil is a misnomer, because a pencil usually indicates a liner, but this is more along the lines of a lip crayon… But… This looks absolutely tiny. It looks so much smaller and thinner than other lip pencils/crayons I have that are like this. Yet, I double checked size and it’s the same amount/weight of product, maybe just a tiny bit less, than my favorite lip crayons. I believe it actually has color all the way down, unlike most of the chubby crayons which don’t really take sharpening. Only downside is that I don’t know if this will fit any of my sharpeners now. The color is nice, too, although I would’ve loved to get Purple Reign instead. Here’s the crayon’s size and a simple swatch of it.

And of course, a value spreadsheet…

birchbox july.PNG

This was one of the best boxes I’ve gotten from Birchbox, and oddly enough it’s actually worth the price I paid, even when you factor out the the points. $15 personal value for a Birchbox?! Looking back at my other boxes, this is the box that I’m actually most excited about… and this is also why I’m kinda considering holding out for August.

Of course, thoughts on my box are welcome in the comments section, and I’ve love to hear about your boxes. Will you be cancelling Birchbox, or will you keep it for now?


3 thoughts on “Unboxing // Birchbox July 2016

  1. Jenna says:

    I think if I’d been getting boxes like that I wouldn’t have cancelled back in February (and again in May). I’m keeping an eye on Birchbox. I cancelled before the points change was announced because even then it hadn’t been worth the money I was paying for it, but if they seem to be consistently worth my $10, I’ll probably go back.


    • Lucy Tries Beauty says:

      I’m hoping they do get better, but I also wonder if this box is a fluke on the positive side. Given everything going on and how some people’s boxes have looked literally thrown together, I’m wary of just how much effort they are going to put into them. But for me it’s worth at least another month, I think.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jenna says:

        I’d say yours is definitely. That’s a really good box. I’m still on product overload at the moment and keeping my subs down for a few months. Meanwhile it gives me enough time to evaluate the boxes I see, and if they happen to have a curated box I want, I might still sign up and grab that.


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