SftPF // Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able in 10MJ

Product Information:
Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate in shade Ivory Light 10.
$55 at Sephora for 0.75oz
Sampled via So Choix

Application Information:
I tried this several ways- for the bulk of this, it’s done by dotting some of the foundation on my face and using a RT sponge, damp, to blend it out. I also tried using a flat-top kabuki brush on another day. I tried this foundation both over sunscreen and then bare-faced.

Product Performance:

Before + Afrter Pics:

Shade + Tone: Okay, but may actually be too light!

I realize I forgot to take swatches when I got it, so here are some swatches of it. It is in the middle with Missha #13 below/left and Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream above/right.

You can see from the swatches that this is ridiculously light. This is matched to 1R02 on Sephora, which is the lightest pink/cool-toned Color IQ. To me, this looks actually lighter than a 1R02; if Missha #13 is darker than this foundation, it is definitely lighter than a 02. It does blend well into my underarm though.

On me, it looks too bit too light and possibly the wrong undertone as well.

Coverage + Finish: Meh. Light to medium; matte/semi-matte.
So, this is supposed to be a FULL COVERAGE foundation but to me this looks light? I even tried to build it up, but it would NOT cover my weird light freckles. This seems incredibly odd because it has twice the normal amount of full-coverage pigmentation. Finish looks maybe matte to semi-matte? It is an oil-free formula, which may be my issue. Even though my dry skin is getting better with skin care, this may just be too drying for my skin.

Look+Feel:  Cakey and patchy, but feels great
So, the positive: this feels great. I mean, I don’t know exactly how much I put on my skin, and it still feels like and like I have nothing on. The bad: it just looks bad. From a distance it looks fine, but when you get up close, you see it cakes, settles into fine lines, and just doesn’t work well on my skin. It even began to pill up in little strings and pull off of my face. Now, I believe a lot of this has to do with my application. I was finishing off a Coola sunscreen sample, which had an emulsion base of water and some oils. I did let it sit for maybe 30 min before starting my normal makeup routine, though, but it’s possible this sunscreen didn’t sink in. This foundation is mostly silicone, although they do include jojoba esters, wax (for emulsification, I’m assuming), alcohol, and water… When I used this without ANYTHING on my face, it didn’t pill up, but it did still look pretty patchy and gross up close. Here are a few pictures…

And here is it up-close without any sunscreen (tried on a different day). You can see it has the same general problems and it STILL didn’t feel like I could get a good amount of coverage or a good, even look. It was just… bad.


Longevity: Didn’t keep track, but quite long-wearing.
I really didn’t pay much attention to how long this lasted. Considering how awful it looked on my face up close to start, it was hard to truly gauge. That said, from a distance, it still looked nice throughout the day, only starting to look bleh after I worked out (wearing it). Here are a few pictures of that…

Would I ever wear this again?
Based off of performance, no. I hated everything about it besides how it felt on my face. It didn’t look good at all, no matter what I did. Perhaps I just really suck at applying it, but it just didn’t do it for me, and for $55?? No way.


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