Thankful Thursday // July 14, 2016

Thankful Thursday July 14.png

I’m going to be honest right now. For a moment, I thought it was 2017. I thought I made a typo on my banner… Nope, still 2016.

This week has been a bit of a hard week for me. With my grandpa’s health declining, my uncles have been fighting- and not about things like what is best for their dad, but stupid, material things. They’re making it so much harder on him, and my dad is just trying to keep things smooth. When I voiced my irritation and upset that my grandpa keeps getting riled up over his son’s poor behavior (to a couple friends online), I was literally laughed at and told that that it wasn’t a problem because of my grandpa’s financials. It’s just made this week even harder… so it means I really need to find things to be thankful for.

  • I am thankful my dad isn’t as materialistic as his brothers. That’s not to say he’s perfect, but at least I was raised in a home that respected people and love, not money. I feel so blessed that I got such a good foundation, and that now that Grandpa is having trouble, at least he knows one family of his loves him and wants him to be happy and peaceful in his final days.
  • I am thankful my boyfriend isn’t very materialistic, either. Sure, he likes making money and having “stuff,” but again, not at the expense of love. I can talk about how difficult this situation is, and he understands. He can’t do anything to make it better, but it’s nice knowing that my home life is going to stay centered, at least mostly, in love.
  • I am thankful for books on tape. Something about this last trip killed my drive to listen to music. I find myself more and more interested in stories as they hold my attention longer. That made my drive home pretty nice.
  • I am thankful for little love notes. Monday morning, I woke up and went to find my notebook (one that I’m using for my DDDM challenge, to write notes and test skin hydration). It was on the kitchen counter with a note that said “I love you Lucy! Enjoy the snacks :)” and below the note was a pack of rasberry fig bars. Even without the snacks, I love those little notes.
  • I am thankful for my phone case. Does this seem silly? It has a pug on it and says “Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day.” Having it reminds me of my old pug
  • I am thankful for Cheetos Puffs and BOGO candy sales. Perhaps also silly. It’s the little things in life, right? This week may not be the best, but some chocolate, Starbursts, and cheese-flavored snacks can sure cheer me up.
  • I am thankful I was called for an interview for a job I just applied for. I missed the call while shopping (thank you, candy sales) but called back as soon as I got home… and got the answering machine. So while we play phone tag, I’m just grateful that I may have an interview soon and maybe a new job!

As always, drop me a comment and let me know something you’re thankful for this week 🙂


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