Swatches // My Nail Polish Collection

I usually like to include a tag in my title… activity, sftpf, swatches, etc etc. I really struggled with this one because it’s more activity-based and less about the actual swatches here, because… well… I have too much for one post.

I ordered these cheap polish swatch display thingies from Amazon not too long ago. For $10, I got 200 total plastic swatch sticks and four metal rings to put them on (link is here). I was pretty excited when they came and instantly went to work.

I didn’t take a picture of my actual work space because it was nothing too exciting. I lined my desk/vanity with some packing paper from a Sephora package and painted them pretty slowly- I let them sit on the paper to dry, so I could only do 15 or so at a time. I put them all in a box once dry and continued with the next set… The next day, I did the sort and organization, which ended up like this:

Yep… A big ol’ mess. I wasn’t sure how to organize them- not only do I have color to consider but the saturation as well. Ultimately I decided to organize by color, and then by saturation, so my first organizational step was to separate out by color.

You can see a ton of other stuff- my desk is crowded. I have blacks, greens, blues, purples, reds, pinks, the odd orange/yellow/beige, whites, and finally cool-effect top and glitter coats.

I strung them on their rings, organizing kinda by saturation as I put the colors on. It’s not perfect, of course, but they are pretty! I even had to split them up into two rings!

I have over 100 of these swatch sticks left- which does NOT mean I should get more polish, but inevitably I will get more or toss some (I came across a very thick, gross white).

Overall, I found this super helpful in learning more about my polish! I got to get a good feel for the consistency of each polish, how opaque it is, and what color it ends up being. Because these are clear plastic swatches, I can put a color over my nail and see how well the color works with my skin, and I can “layer” them to see how a top coat works with a color layer.

Roughly two hours total of actual work went into this, as I only did hasty single-coat swatches. Definitely worth it!


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