Unboxing // Ipsy July 2016 “Hot Summer Nights”

Unboxing - July 2016.pngIt seems like all of my boxes are taking so long to get to me. It’s already mid-month and I finally have my Ipsy bag come in! This is only my third one this month, meaning next week will probably be a ton of unboxing posts, but I digress.

Ipsy’s theme for this month is “Hot Summer Nights,” and I’ll be perfectly honest: the products do not reflect this. I’m confused, especially because this sounds more like the perfect August theme (nostalgic car shows, anybody?). That’s not that big of an issue though.

My bag contained:

  • Vasanti Eyeshadow 2 Brush. This came all messed up in my bag, and I tried to wash it and “resculpt” it to how it’s supposed to look to no avail. It’s slanted and strange for being smashed in the small bag. I contacted IpsyCare and while I don’t expect a replacement for it because it’s not like totally damaged, I’m hoping they can give me some points or advice on how to reshape it (maybe). I do like tools, but I don’t think I need anymore now, so I unchecked them from my profile and reflected that I didn’t want more eyeshadow brushes on the review questionnaire.
  • Too Faced Hangover Rx. This was my “cult fav” item, and I’m actually most excited about this even though it is a pretty small deluxe sample (1/8 of full size). I’m not like mad or upset about it being so small, because I still think I can get good use out of it plus I have so many other primers to use up. I’ve been really wanting to try this- and this was one of the two cult favorites I wanted when I saw that spoiler, so yay!
  • Skyn Iceland The ANTIDOTE Cooling Lotion. I will admit that I don’t usually place an emphasis on lotions in my routine, so to me this was a little bit boring. It looks like a standard deluxe sample size, and I hadn’t heard of it before, but the idea of it being cooling and good for red skin is interesting. I just finished my last lotion/emulsion sample, so I’ll be opening this up to use it for the first time soon and we’ll see how it works for me
  • Eva NYC Get Glossed Hair Serum.  I found a product I absolutely LOVE for my hair in my first ever Birchbox, so I’m not thrilled about this being in my bag. I’m sure I’ll get some use out of it eventually, and a 10ml sample isn’t hard to use up, but it’s just not something I’m in the market for right now.
  • em Cosmetics Lash Gallery Dramatic Volume Mascara. Okay, so… I’m not angry or anything, but I’m kinda meh about this. I’m interested in trying it because I’m interested in trying new mascaras, I suppose, but this isn’t waterproof. My eyes get pretty watery (and I’m an emotional POS who cries constantly), so I’m not sure I’ll like this one. It’s full size, but if you know me, you know that I toss mascaras quite often (I do pay attention to that open container symbol on the tube), so deluxe sample sizes usually work better for me, and I don’t really care if it’s deluxe sample size or full size since it’ll get used the exact same amount.

And of course, the value chart!

ipsy july 2016

As you can see, this bag had a retail value of $52.78, which is great, but a personal value of quite a bit lower. The brush is actually C$21, but with exchange rate it’s $16.28 (USD). Brushes always get an instant $5 value unless it’s a brush I really need in my collection and it’s great quality, but with how this one came in my bag, I definitely don’t think I’d pay even $10 for it. The primer was exciting, but small so not as valuable. The lotion is pretty low because of what I typically use as a lotion/moisturizer, but if it’s incredible for my redness/skin, it may go up. The hair serum, obviously, is almost worthless… and the mascara? No matter how large the mascara is, new ones are typically worth $5 until I try it out.

This month’s bag was pretty “boring” and heavy on the skin and hair care and “boring” make up items… Not just in my bag, but in general. I did a little analysis of this month’s options for fun, and out of the 44 potential products this month, 21 were makeup, 1 nail polish, 5 were brushes/tools, 14 were skincare related, and 3 related to hair styling. Considering how I don’t think anybody gets more than one tool or hair product in a bag, that still leaves 3 slots for makeup and skincare… And the makeup items? Four were mascaras, and there were some product repeats from the past few months, meaning you have a good chance of getting a mascara. Plus, the way I had my profile set up, the only other makeup item that fit my profile was the bareMinerals lipstick, but since I was given the primer, that means no lipstick for me.

Essentially what I’m getting at here was that this month in general was just kind of a dud for what products they had to work with, so I’m actually reasonably pleased with the curation of my bag, despite it not being the best value for me.

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