Swatches // 11 Pale Concealers

I’ve posted swatches of various concealers before, but I did get one more, and I realized I needed to cull my stash a little bit more (I have already gotten rid of some LA Girl Pro Conceal colors). They don’t all work well for me, you know? In order to cull, I wanted to do swatches- and of course this can benefit other people, so why not post it? And since I was going to do it anyway (and typically just stay in my apartment all day, aka you guys don’t get any sunlight swatches), I figured why not go outside and take these pictures in the sunlight??

concealer collection.png

concealer collection sunlight.png

So here we have all the swatches: in the shade, in the shade with flash, in the sun, and in the sun with flash. In that last picture in the sunlight, I just now realize it may be hard to read the pink text… sorry ): Looked better at full-size.

Now, onto what is getting destashed… The Ellis Faas and Nars concealers are both sample sizes, and while I do like them both, the RCC is dried up so that’s getting tossed (but: good to know that I like the shade). My Cargo Jetlag is nice, but the tube is a little bit… ‘sploded.  I think it’s starting to run out as well. The Maybelline and bareMinerals are both too dark on me, so I’m going to destash those hopefully. And finally, the Ulta stick doesn’t have a great formula and never looks good on my skin, so it’s going away as well. I’m going to keep the NYX, Catrice, Mineral Fusion, Ellis Faas, Stila, and IT Cosmetics. I know it’s still a lot, but I need more time to use them and see what I think before I cull more.


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