Unboxing // Boxycharm July 2016 with Potato Quality Pictures!

Note: this post contains an affiliate link!

Something is going on as of late where most of my packages have trouble getting to me or things come broken. Remember my Ipsy unboxing? Well, I didn’t realize it at the time, but my Hangover Rx was actually unsealed at the top (Ipsy is sending me a new one, thankfully). My Lip Monthly was delayed, and my BB5 had some serious tracking issues, and they are apparently sending me out another box (although, miraculously, today my BB5 tracking finally updates, after 11 days of being blank).

While Boxycharm came quickly and without any problems, my phone decided to act up, so now I have really bad potato quality pictures… Sorry. This just isn’t my month, I guess.


The theme this month was “Modern Merbabe.” Some of the items do, in fact, remind me of a mermaid, but others I’m not sure how they go into the theme.


Unlike most months, there are only four items in here, but one is like a 7-in-1! We have:

  • Mally Beauty Waterproof Eyeliner in Ice Blue. Oh, is this a gorgeous color! I love colored eyeliner, and this is a sparkly light blue that I don’t own! Oh, will this get used… very, very happily. Some people got a blender brush instead… and given how I’ve been getting a ton of brushes, I’m really, really happy for the eyeliner.


    Mally eyeliner up top; Noyah gloss on bottom.

  • PYT Argan Oil Treatment. Anybody else singing the song “PYT” right now? This isn’t something I need right now, given how much hair oil and serum I’ve gotten in boxes, so I haven’t opened it up at all. It looks like it’ll work well, and it’ll go into my queue… but who knows when I’ll get to it.
  • Noyah Lip Gloss in Malbec. In the tube, this looks like a pretty bold magenta, and it swatched that way too. I haven’t put it on my lips, but the swatch felt more oily than sticky, and it had a pleasant smell. I’m happy with the one.
  • Ofra Professional Magnetic Palette w/ 6 Shadow Pans. OH BOY OH BOY. I am so excited for this, not even thinking about the shadows. The magnetic palette is amazing as is, and I really needed one. Z-palettes go for something like $20, and I’ve been debating about buying one… now I don’t have to 🙂 Ordering a blank one from them is not an option, but even at $10, this is worth it to me. The shadows themselves: they are decently pigmented. I did a dry-brush swatch, but of course with fingers they are more pigmented. Each pan, purchased from Ofra individually, is $10/2g or $12/4g. I believe these shadows are the 2 gram pans, but unfortunately there is no marking on them to indicate size. They do, however, give you some shade names on the back. In order of how I swatched them (top to bottom), I BELIEVE they are:
    • Buttercup, a matte light yellow, which hardly shows up on my skin.
    • Millennium Gold, a shimmer gold (duh?), which you can kinda see (does much better with a finger swatch)
    • Truffle, a matte medium warm brown, which looks super orangey on my skin?? Idk
    • Bohemian, a shimmery brown-bronze
    • Smoke, a matte grey
    • Iron, a shimmery dark grey/black.

And, in case you’re curious about value…

Boxycharm july 2016.PNG

So there you have it! Usually, Boxycharm promises 5+ products with a retail value over $100. This month, it was 4 products (although one was like a 7-in-1, and you could make the case that the magentic palette is one and the shadow set was 2, for a total of 5), and a retail value of $123. For me, the value was totally there- $71!! I used what I pay for my gel eyeliners for the Mally Beauty, what I would pay for an ounce of hair oil for the PYT treatment, $5 for a gloss because it’s just a gloss and kinda meh to me, and then $14 for the palette (I can find Z-palettes for $14 online) +$5/shadow, because they aren’t super exciting and kinda dupes for what I already have, but I love that they are out of a true pan and I can make a better, custom palette for travel with them.

I’m very pleased with this box!


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