Activity // Different Day, Different Mask: Week 1 Wrap-Up

I believe when I first posted about doing a different mask each day, I mentioned I would to weekly overviews at the end… Sunday rolled around and my schedule was so busy that I didn’t think to write up the post. I still want to do overviews, and hey, technically Wednesday is past the end of one week, right? 🙂

Last week, I used five sheet masks and 2 wash-offs! Here are the exact ones and my thoughts on them, plus links to buy them online if you want to check them out yourself.

  • My Beauty Diary RoeWhat I love about the MBD masks is that they come with a little plastic backing. This makes the actual sheet very easy to unfold. The sheet was moderate thickness and felt DRENCHED in the serum, which is mostly a good thing. The bad? It kept dripping! Luckily, I didn’t notice any bad smell, just a light fragrance. It lasted about 50min on my face, and when I took it off, my face was wet and stayed sticky for a good while, about 45 minutes. My face looked shiny, but it was not oily. I like these enough to use them again.
  • Aritaum Fresh Essence Pearl. While I didn’t notice any whitening effects with this, it was still nicely hydrating (more so than the MBD Roe). I didn’t notice any discernible fragrance. I left this one on for about 40 min, and it was still quite sticky 35 minutes after. I would repurchase and use these.
  • Laniege Multiberry Yogurt Reparing Mask. This was one of the two wash-off masks I used. I love how this mask smells! It reminds of a sweet strawberry-cream candies. It felt great on my face, just like a thick cream, and once washed off, my skin felt super soft and not sticky at all. That said, it was not as hydrating as some of my sheet masks, probably because it has shea. Shea can be very moisturizing for lots of people, but I have a sensitivity to it and it actually dries me out. I linked up to the full-size at Target, but Target also sells a $5 kit with a small DS of this guy + a water bank sleeping pack as well, and that’s what I have. I will finish using the bottle, but I won’t be repurchasing because of the shea.
  • Biore 1-Minute Self-Heating Charcoal Mask. I bought a pack of these in foil packets a while ago and forgot about them, but I do like them. I typically do one every other week to help clear out my pores. Does it work? To a degree. There are still stubborn clogged pores on my nose, but this mask definitely helps. The mask heats up as you rub it on wet skin, and after you finish applying it, you only wait a minute before taking it off, making this a very quick mask to use. They are pretty expensive for a wash-off, usually about $1.50-$2 per mask, so I would like to find something similar to this but in a big tube as opposed to single-use packets.
  • Scinic Snail MatrixI have problems with this, but not because of the mask itself. I usually apply my serums and emulsions before my sheet mask, and before this, I tried out a new facial lotion that claimed to be cooling. I also had just acquired a silicone sheet mask cover. Slapped on the lotion, but on this mask, topped it with the silicone, and suddenly: burning. I have since tried the lotion again and believe it to be the culprit, but I only had one of these masks, so I can’t see if this reacts or not. For the time being, I’m not going to repurchase on my own.
  • Epielle Vitamin C and CollagenI’m talking about both of these together because they were very, very similar. So similar that aside from their scent, they felt and looked the exact same. These have a HORRIBLY thick sheet, which sounds nice to unfold until you realize that the sheet is so thick, essentially no moisture/serum actually gets soaked into your skin because it’s in the sheet. By itself, it lasts me maybe 15 minutes before it falls- literally falls– off my face. With the silicone cover, I get 30-40 minutes with it. I didn’t really notice any effects with these masks other than some redness relief from the cool (note: I did not notice any burning with the silicone cover with these masks). I got these for pretty cheap at TJ Maxx, but I would only buy them again, even at their price, if I had no other sheet mask options that didn’t cause a reaction to my skin. They weren’t bad, they just didn’t do anything for me.



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