Unboxing // Lip Monthly July 2016

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Did I mention earlier that some of my beauty boxes this month have been delayed, shipped late, or had other problems getting to me? Well, they have. For instance, despite getting the email almost two weeks ago, I still haven’t received my Beauty Box 5… Luckily, despite shipping kind of late, my July Lip Monthly got to me pretty fast. Given how big my lipstick collection has gotten, I was going to cancel this sub at the end of June, but somebody asked for my referral link online to sign up, so I got a free bag for July. That said, I want to reiterate two things. First, I am open about referral links. You will know if a link I post is a referral or not because I will tell you, outright, if it is. If I don’t mention anything about the link, it isn’t an affiliate link. I will never, ever try to dupe you into clicking on my links. Second, despite essentially being free, I’m still going to be honest with you. This is the first really “free” product I’ve ever received, but whether or not I pay for something, honesty is really important. Now that those are settled, let’s get into the heart of the matter here:

The bag this month is a little harsh on the eyes, but the design is simple and cute. The bag is a bright orange (perhaps to represent the sun), with only one image actually printed on it: cat-eye sunglasses with a blue rim. Underneath the glasses is “summer” in cursive. I wish they had muted these colors a bit, but it’s still cute!

There were four items themselves in this bag, three lips and a loose powder (eyeshadow? I think?). The color theme is harder to discern but looks pinky-red… we have:

  • Mirabella Colour Vinyl Lipstick in Cherry Shine. This is a bright pinky-red lipstick and actually has a nice consistency. I’m excited about trying this one out, just for the color. Looking at the ingredients, it looks like it contains lychee fruit extract and argan oil- two pretty cool ingredients- and no shea, meaning it’s unlikely to cause my lips to flake up. This is even more exciting!! It retails for $26 on their website.


    Top to bottom: Cherry Shine, Je t’aime, and Celebration

  • City Color City Chic Lipstick in Je t’aime. This one is a bit more muted than Cherry Shine and looks dustier. In the tube, it looks almost mauvey, but I would definitely call this one a red, perhaps bordering onto brick one. This is a cheaper one (retails at $4.99), which you can see as a negative given that you could go out and buy two of these lipsticks in your color of choice for less than the price of this sub, but to me, I like it because if I happen to like the formula, I’m more willing to buy a $5 lipstick than, say, a $26 one.
  • Cougar Beauty Perfect Pout Lip Plumper. If there is one product I don’t need, it’s a lip plumper. I know many people do like lip plumpers, but they just aren’t my “thing.” I was blessed with a naturally full pout and thus don’t ever seek out lip-plumping products. That said, after reading the ingredients of this one, I thought it might just be like a nice, smoothing balm, so I decided to try it while I did the rest of my daily makeup. Let’s just say this is easily the worst lip product I have tried. It goes on like a terrible sticky gloss, smells like plastic death, and then, just when you think it can’t get any worse, your lips start tingling and burning. This stuff retails for £29.00, which in USD is currently $38.31. Is it a good value? Based on retail value, sure. But I suspect it’s in this box because it’s awful and nobody is buying it. Ugh. Total fail.
  • BellaPierre Eyeshadow Shimmer Powder in Celebration. This is a loose eyeshadow powder that is incredibly pigmented, my goodness. Granted, for me, most loose glitters are pigmented because you can pick up quite a lot of it in your brush. When I went to swatch this, I had to take off that plastic protective sticker that covers the product’s holes, and it kicked quite a bit of it out, so even one dab with my brush picked up a lot of pigment. This makes sense- unlike pressed pigments, this is essentially just mica with some metal oxides added (and, possible, carmine). That’s it. No added anything. No talc. Just pigment. After I took the swatch picture, I blended it out with my finger and found it blended very easily. This color is a very glittery copper that is a bit more on the golden than the red side, IMO, but is quite pretty and might make for a fun pop in an eye look. It retails for $15, and you get 2.35g in the jar (for reference, Urban Decay’s new Moondust palette is $49 for 8 shadows that are 0.7g each or 5.6g total, making it $8.75/gram, whereas this loose pigment comes to $6.38/gram).

Normally, this is where I would do a value spreadsheet, but because this was free for me, I didn’t do one. That said, overall retail value came to $84.30. Personally, given the bomb of the lip plumper, with the way things are looking right now and the colors selected, I would pay maybe $15-$20 for this, although that is based mostly on colors and first impressions and not how products actually prefer. This is still above the cost of the sub ($13 per month or less), but the addition of the lip plumper just… killed it for me.

This will be my last lip monthly bag for a while, but I still have my referral link up (only your first referral counts for a free bag, though). You can find my referral link here if you are interested in this sub. If you haven’t signed up yet, there are new-subscription codes: Use “50OFF” to get your first bag free, “1STFREE” to get your first 4 bags for the price of 3, or “3FREE” to get a full year for the price of 9 months.

Let me know what you think about this bag or Lip Monthly in general in my comments!


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