Life Updates // What’s Going On In My World: A Job Update + Others

I don’t typically post a lot about my life, but I think it’s quite relevant right now, because a pretty big life change is in the process right now: employment.

For those who don’t know, I started this blog a couple months after I quit my old job, where I was an assistant department manager for a natural foods store (I worked in the health and beauty sections). I worked throughout my senior year of college, and after working for about 9 months post-graduating, I felt stagnant. My boyfriend got a great job within his field, a job offer that came before he even graduated, and here I was… stuck in retail. I don’t mean to imply retail is a bad job to have. Retail jobs are so necessary, and honestly, I admire people who work in that industry- it’s long, inconvenient hours working with some very rude, thankless customers. Working with supplements and body care/beauty items, I did feel like I could use some of my expertise, but it wasn’t quite right for me, and in the end, I felt incredibly unfulfilled and unhappy.

Being a housewife has never been something on my radar. I never thought I would want to be just a “stay at home” wife/mother/girlfriend. I’ve always wanted to do something productive- I have a degree, I am good at science and analytics, and I fully believe I should share my gifts and experience with the world. That’s part of why I quit my job- I wasn’t doing what I could do. I did want to spend a month or so getting my life in order before going to a new job. However, once I got a taste of “freedom,” I loved it. I reveled in visiting my family whenever I wanted, having my weekends free to go on dates, and actually being home before 10 PM (and not having to get up at 5:30 the next day).

One month somehow became four. I had the funds myself to support months of unemployment, but eventually I became restless. Did I enjoy the stay-at-home gig? Yes. Quite a bit! However, after a few months, I got restless. Purchasing more makeup and “toys” became a hobby for me, to fill up the time my boyfriend was at work. I found most of my days were spent waiting for something to do, and while I could spend that time cleaning, I just… didn’t want to. My life became boring. If you read one of my last life-update posts, you’d know that I’ve been toying with the idea of applying for a job again, but given a lot of potential life changes with regards to my boyfriend’s career, I’ve been hesitant…

Last week, I was prompted by an irritable boyfriend (“I just want to see you fulfilled”) to send in an application for the only job available where I live that had the potential of being fulfilling at all: a mental health technician at a local children’s hospital. The day after I sent it in, I was called for an interview. That interview happened Monday, and Tuesday night, I was called by my interviewer to ask what position I would prefer, since several were open. On Wednesday, their HR department called me to let me know they wanted to proceed and get a background report. I got the email to fill out some information. Friday / yesterday, I got the call for a formal job offer. I start training on Monday!

The job is going to bring about a lot of lifestyle changes. First and foremost- I’ll have income, of course, but I want to start recouping what I’ve depleted from my savings. Budgeting is going to become a bigger aspect of my life. Secondly, this position is obviously going to take time, obviously. It’s a full-time position, but not a typical 9-5. I would have 3 days of work a week, 12 hour shifts, plus the opportunity to pick up extras. Every other week, I’m required to work weekends (every full-timer has to; it’s to ensure nobody gets weekends off or has to work every weekend). This seems perfect for me.

I’m both scared and hopeful. I’m scared because I know this isn’t the end. To me, this is still a stepping stone. I still have to figure out what I want to truly do with my life. I’m hopeful, though, that this will help me know if the mental health care field and patient care is the right direction for me- and I’m hopeful that this experience will be simultaneously more fulfilling than my life now and look good on a application for graduate school.



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