Unboxing // PopSugar Mystery Box

Thanks to my new job (which, I know I talk about it nearly every post now), I’ve had tons of unboxing pictures, but no time to actually create the posts… PopSugar is known for their great Must Haves lifestyle boxes, which usually have around 7 different items with a value over $100. Their boxes come out monthly and cost $39.95. Each Must Have box is the same (for the month).  This box was one of their mystery boxes, which is a flat rate for one of a few boxes you don’t get to see ahead of time. Specifically, this one was from the Fourth of July, and each box was $19.95.

In my box, there was:

  • Pehr Designs Pebble Bin (13″ x 12″): I’ve linked to this one because I had never heard of or seen it before. This is like a round canvas tote (the bottom of it is a circle). It’s quite large (the circle has a diameter of 13″, and it’s a foot high). I’m not sure what I would use it for, but it is nice and sturdy  and I’m sure it’ll be useful for somethingRetail value: $40.
  • Acme Colorful Chevron Paper Straws: This is a pack of 24 straws. There are a total of 6 colors (yellow, orange, pink, grey, blue, and teal). While they are really cute, I’m not sure what I would need them for, since I use reusable (hard plastic and some steel) straws when I use straws at all. Retail value: $7 from Acme’s website; $6 on Amazon.
  • Patchology FlashMasque Trio: Sheet masks!!! This has three different sheet masks, one for exfoliation, one for hydration, and one for illumination. They claim to see a difference in five minutes, which I’m sure is great for people with busy lifestyles, but it makes me wonder.. what if I want to leave it on for longer? 😛 Retail value: usually $20, but you can find it on sale right now at LovelySkin for $15.60.
  • Isaac Jacobs Magnetic FrameThis is essentially two heavy blocks of clear acrylic which manetically snap together to act as a dual-sided picture frame. It’s a really cool idea, especially if you have a desk job- but I’m sure I can find a couple pictures to put on my vanity/desk at home instead. Retail value: $14.90 from Amazon.
  • Tarte Eyeshadow Quad in Eye Candy: This is a cute little quad-palette from Tarte, packaged in a cardboard case that swings open. The shades are on the plummy purple side (much like the box’s color would suggest)- I did take some quick finger swatches to show you! This is not on Tarte’s website, but other eyeshadow quads are typically $22 there, and you can find this one specifically on eBay for around $10.

    From top to bottom (left to right), we have: taffy (the one that looks almost brown but is actually a plummy brown), lollipop (looks almost black but is actually a very dark grape), jelly bean (looks grey, but also has some plum to it), and bubble gum (very light lavender).

  • Studio Hall Shoreline Triple Milled Shea Butter SoapWell, this is a giant block of soap I can’t use, but oh well. Having a shea sensitivity isn’t exactly common, and it’s such a “trendy ingredient,” so I’m used to there being a product I can’t use in each box. I can’t smell it through the plastic, and I’m unsure who it will go to, but rest assured I’ll find some way to gift it. Retail value: $10.

Overall, this was a great mystery box based on value- it’s overall retail value came out to be about $96.50 (using my sale/cheaper prices if possible). I didn’t really do a personal value out of this, but it was maybe around $35, as I’m just not that into lifestyle things. I’m most excited about the sheet masks and eye shadow quad, and the rest of the items really don’t hold a lot of value to me despite being quite nice.

I am happy I got this box, but I might pass on the next one, personally.




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