Haul // Ulta’s 5x Points Haul, Pt 1

Ulta really wanted to drive sales at the end of July- first, they released a 5x points on all Nyx products (which house some of my favorite lip products), and then, not a day later, a 5x points on all products and services, period. I had already purchased this one order (“Part 1”) on the day before they released 5x points on all items, and while I was tempted to cause a stink, I didn’t… I just decided to place a second order with more items, which I’ll also be posting.

But let’s focus on this order, okay? 😀

  • Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul. As you’ll see in my next haul, I ended up buying more of this formula… and forgetting I had already purchased Istanbul, so long story short, one is going back. I only purchased this one in this haul because I had decided that was the one color I wanted most- and it’s so pretty! I did swatches of it next to Nyx’s Milan (middle) and also next to Ofra’s St. Tropez (top)


    Ofra St. Tropez, Nyx Milan, and Nyz Istanbul

  • Nyx Glitter Primer. I mentioned I purchased UD Moondust, right? Unfortunately, my normal eyeshadow primer just doesn’t work for glitters, so if I’m going to make use out of glitters, I need a good primer for them!
  • Nyx Pro Foundation Mixer in White. I have this mixer in Opalescent, which I like, but I needed a true white one as well. My white mixer before getting this? A really crappy Chinese one that I’m not sure what is in it… but it’s so thick it feels nasty on my face. This has a very thin consistency and hopefully will provide enough whitening to let me use the new Pro Glow foundation I bought
  • Nyx Eyeshadow Base in White. Yes, yes, I’ve been using Nyx Milk (pencil), but I was very curious about this base. It comes in a smudge pot-type container, and it might be easier to apply with my fingers (I always put too much Milk on). I’m also interested in seeing if this can be used as a liner as well.
  • Nyx Blush in Taupe. I’ve heard great things about this as a pale skin contour, and while I don’t contour a lot, I’m still interested in trying it.
  • Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponges, 2 Pack. It was time to toss the old ones- they’re a staple for me!
  • elf Baked Blush in Pinktastic. I’m still trying to find something similar to Nars’ Sex Appeal, and while I didn’t think this would be perfect, I wondered if it would work “well enough” on fair skin. I’ll talk more about it later, but the verdict so far is… super golden.
  • Gifts with Purchase: Honey Beauty Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser and Elevated Hydration Replenishing Mist; Travel Size Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator Treatment. A couple free GWPs that I figured “why not?” I have not tried these yet.

Now, I’ll admit this: this is not everything I bought during this time. Like I said, I have a Pt 2 coming up (literally an order I placed the very next day). Also- I did get a few other items, but I bought them in-store, and I bought them for a specific purpose (I ended up leaving my cosmetics bag at home while travelling to my sister’s wedding- you can see how I needed some staples). I may put in a Pt 3 for items I purchased in store, but I think you’re going to be sick of unboxings and hauls soon!


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